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On last Sunday's letters page, the lead letter, in support of Gov. Mitt Romney for the presidency, was submitted by none other than Allan Block, chairman of the parent company that owns the Post-Gazette! The remarkable thing is that your own editors are in direct disagreement, as evidenced by the editorial board's recommendations on the other side of the page.

Wow! You have to respect an organization where controversy and opposing views are able to exist without undue influence by the powers that be. To be sure, your editors are usually supportive of Democrats, vis-a-vis Republicans, but at least you do not pull the "D" lever across the board.

I am a regular reader of the editorial pages and usually read at least half the articles (at least half the time!). As a voter, I try to consider all views when it comes to selecting candidates for office, and I am especially influenced by your opinions when it comes to lesser-known candidates or minor government positions I know little or nothing about, because you try to interview those in the running and bring forth pertinent facts and background information in forming your recommendations.

No doubt there are plenty of people who may disagree, but I salute your efforts in trying to be fair, even though it may go against the management's party line.




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