The 100 percent

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Yes, we the people elected and voted for Barack Obama for another term as our leader and president after 18 months and billions' worth of time, energy and television advertisements. Funny thing ... do you recall watching the Republican primary debates where Michele Bachmann, on many occasions along with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, stated that Barack Obama was indeed going to be a one-term president? Every time I heard this I cringed.

Our country seems so angry and bitter from either side, liberal and conservative. However, when faced with a disaster as we were with the recent hurricane, Sandy, we humanely show compassion and strength and do what seems right to assist our neighbor or a stranger during a crisis.

Why is it we do our best in a crisis and work together to get the job completed or issue resolved and achieve success? Interesting that an average of congressional job approval polling data shows that 75.2 percent of citizens of this country disapprove of our current Congress' lack of work and progress.

Let's shake up the Etch-A-Sketch with a clean slate and move forward together so that 100 percent, not the 1 percent, can reach that American Dream, the pursuit of happiness.




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