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Being a parent is hard. No matter if you work, stay at home, have one kid, 10 kids, it's hard. But Sunday, here in Pittsburgh, a little boy died when his mother lifted him up to see an attraction at the zoo and he subsequently fell in and was mauled by multiple dogs.

I've lifted my kids up to see the elephants better, or giraffes. How many kids ride on shoulders, try to climb up on the railings or just get so frustrated because they're so little? We're human. We're doing the best we can.

But how the social media have been slamming this poor mother is just disgusting. How dare they. This was a freak accident. It was awful. Some are saying, "How could she just stand by and watch him be mauled?" "Why didn't she jump in after him?" "Why did she lift him up?" "How did she let him fall?" "Why was she allowed to even have a kid in the first place?"

That just angers me.

Have you been in that situation before? Have you watched helplessly as your child -- your sweet, kind, adorable child -- was mauled by dogs? Have you ever been in such a state of shock where you can't move?

This is a tragedy. It's a sick twist of life and it's so very unfortunate. No one should judge that woman. She's probably doing that plenty to herself. I'm sure she wished she died instead of her baby.

These people who are judging that mother are no better than the pack of dogs that killed that poor boy. What happened happened. Now is the time to start to show some compassion and let that family grieve in peace.

Indiana Township



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