Safer barriers

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How sad for the family of the little boy who lost his life at our wonderful zoo. My heart goes out to the parents and his family.

Having said that, I have often wondered about the safety of small children when they visit such venues and others that offer a scenic or scientific view. I would like someone to offer a suggestion not only to zoo officials but also to various other organizations.

Anyone who has ever watched a baseball game that featured the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field will know what I mean when I point to the "basket" that lines the outfield walls at the park. It is chain-link fencing that extends out over the field so that nothing can drop onto the field from the fans sitting in the front rows of those bleachers. Although the painted dogs exhibit has netting below the railing, a more secure barrier should be constructed in our zoo to prevent future incidents. There are probably other places where such a precaution would serve us well, including the observation platforms on Mount Washington.

What happened at the zoo may never happen again. But it would make for a better situation if we could do something similar to the baskets at Wrigley Field.




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