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During a slightly earlier than planned departure from North Carolina beaches (we left on a recent Saturday), and driving through that state, which has quite high gas taxes, just like Pennsylvania, and we noticed the following: The lowest regular, self-service pump prices were $3.23 per gallon, with most prices running around $3.30 to $3.35. We got home Sunday afternoon and noticed pump prices in the mid-$3.70s in most cases. As I recall, this area is neither closer to nor farther from refineries than is eastern North Carolina, so the price differential strikes one as a little strange.

Another aspect of general interest, liquor prices, the price of Scotch, a type of booze I lean toward, was higher in North Carolina.

ABC Stores are that state's liquor outlet version of our own Holy of Holies, the state store. Surprising, but true. When it comes to buying foodstuffs in N.C. supermarkets/grocery stores, one pays, in addition to the sales tax, a food tax, something not yet seen here -- though I believe that the imposition of such has been discussed in Harrisburg.

Sometimes, the more one notices, the more "interesting" things get.




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