Get a life, people

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This letter is to all the people who continue to use cell phones while behind the wheel of a vehicle. This incident happened to me three days in a row at the same traffic light. Each time I was behind a vehicle at the red light.

I noticed the guy was looking down at his phone, placed into his ear while looking down. He did not notice that the light turned green. I beeped my horn, and the car behind me started beeping. He finally looked up and proceeded to drive, but the light turned red again. He went right through the red light, and the driver of a car coming through the intersection had to slam on his brakes, just missing a collision.

The next day a woman was checking her phone, not paying any attention, and again the light turned back to red and I had to sit through the cycle again waiting for green even though I was only one car behind her.

On the third day, it was a guy in a truck -- same results. I have had enough!

Twenty-five years ago, before all these cell phones, nobody had any problems going to and from work, going to malls or anywhere for that matter. These morons think the world will stop if they don't check their email, texts, tweets, Facebook or any of that other garbage every five minutes.

Get a life! There is a time and a place to do all of this, and it's not behind the wheel of a car.

Neville Island



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