The constant lies

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p>Where does Alison James ("Citizens Need Truth," Oct. 19 letters) get her "truth"?

When U.S. gasoline prices hit a record high of $4.11 in summer 2008, Fox News said that "no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices." Does Fox say that now? Gasoline price fluctuation has "predominantly been due to market factors rather than U.S. federal economic or energy policies" (poll of economists conducted by University of Chicago School of Business, March 2012).

Ms. James states food stamp assistance has increased. An enormous federal deficit began and mushroomed with the inception of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest -- just as he began two costly wars (in lives and money). The justification for these cuts for the 1 percent was "they are job creators." They've had a decade to create these jobs. Where are they? President Barack Obama enacted stimulus funding and saved thousands of jobs (e.g., GM, Chrysler).

Regarding Ms. James' "Obamacare" comments, she should read the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office report that "the Affordable Care Act will reduce federal deficits by $84 billion." (See "True Cost: The CBO Takes an Impartial Look at the Health Law," July 30 Post Gazette.)

Middle-class payroll taxes were reduced during the Obama administration. The Romney-Ryan plan aims to eliminate "loopholes and deductions." What deductions they're referring to isn't clear, but without the deductions, what the middle class would owe the IRS would increase.

I too am tired of "constant lies," especially the lies of a Republican Congress whose only goal has been to make him a one-term president.




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