Issue One: Election 2012

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Policies matter

Are presidential debates necessary? In the first debate, Mitt Romney came off best; in the second, President Barack Obama. So what? Did they say anything they hadn't said a hundred times?

Policies are what people should be concerned about. People who vote on the basis of personality are not doing the country any good. The one who appears to be the nicest could turn out to be the nastiest. It has happened before.

So, people, don't be carried away by smiles, promises to give you the moon or flattery. Consider what the man is really saying and base your vote on that.


Back on track

It boggles my mind that anyone could consider voting for the Republican ticket this November.

President Barack Obama took office as the Great Recession was bearing down on us like a speeding train. This was unquestionably caused by the destructive policies of Republicans, giving massive tax cuts to the top 1 percent and getting us into unnecessary wars that benefited no one except Halliburton and other defense contractors.

Mr. Obama not only slowed down this oncoming train, he reversed it. The economy is picking up. The jobless rate is below 8 percent and the housing market is back on track. Even better, millions of Americans will have access to health care (which will save money in the not-so-long run). Mitt Romney and his compatriots will return us to the bad old days of Bush-Cheney. Vote Democratic this year.

Mt. Lebanon

Obama blew it

I read Dan Simpson's Oct. 24 column ("Out of His Depth: Mitt Romney Clearly Has Nothing to Offer in Foreign Affairs") and think it's full of malarkey. I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, when he had no experience in foreign affairs either. I, like many Americans, thought we needed a change in Washington. But few thought we would get four years of piled-up debt, a country that has lost all respect from foreign countries, job losses and nothing but lies, lies and more lies.

His dealings regarding Libya when we lost four Americans are unbelievable -- the lies that a stupid movie caused this massacre and the failure to provide proper security for our people. And what about his tour through Europe and blaming America for a lot of the problems in the world and bowing to the Saudi king?

Mr. Simpson may think he has done a good job, but next to Jimmy Carter, Mr. Obama has to be the worst president this country has ever had.




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