Tax pettiness

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In James R. LeJeune's Oct. 3 letter ("The Public Has Reason to Be Suspicious About Mitt's Tax Returns"), he writes about Mitt Romney's "tax kerfuffle." The only kerfuffle has come from people like Mr. LeJeune who make mountains out of molehills regarding Mr. Romney's taxes.

Mr. LeJeune's letter appears to demean Mr. Romney's charitable giving to the Mormon Church. The Mormon Church does enormous charitable work. Its members were the first to arrive in Haiti to give aid after the earthquake. They were the first to help with relief efforts after Katrina. They provided relief for the victims of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. They send food, clothing and medical supplies to relieve suffering in 100 countries. This is only a part of what they do.

Moreover, Mr. LeJeune's characterization of "faith-based" organizations is snide. Other churches and faith-based organizations that I personally know of do a great deal of charitable work. They use their money, time and talents to help orphans in Haiti; send packages to the troops; provide clothing, shoes and school supplies to poor children; feed the homeless; tutor children and help the elderly and infirm, to name a few areas.

With all the problems this country has, obsessing about Mr. Romney's taxes is an exercise in pettiness. There is more "arrant disinformation and misdirection" in Mr. LeJeune's letter than Fox News puts out in a year.




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