Bases of power

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I read the Sept. 19 letter to the editor by Lincoln Wolfenstein ("Clearly Uncaring") in which he berates Republicans for not caring about anyone but themselves because they are rich "and they are the ones who finance the Republican Party." So only Democrats care about the poor?

If poor people are the Democratic Party's power base, then Democrats want as many poor people (Democratic voters) as possible. Why would Democrats ever want anyone to become rich? If you became rich, you'd become a Republican.

Likewise, if the Republicans' power base is the rich, then the Republicans want as many people as possible to get rich. The more rich people there are, the more Republican voters there are. Why would a Republican ever want anyone to stay poor? Then they would remain a Democrat.

So the dirty little secret is that the Democratic Party's political power prospers when the poor remain poor, while the Republicans want everyone, including Lincoln Wolfenstein, to become rich.

Troy Hill



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