A return to Bush

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George W. Bush. Why is this name never uttered by the GOP? No one wants to acknowledge that this Republican president exists. He was not invited to the Republican convention and there has been no mention of him in speeches given by Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.

Yet, he is the man whose policies got our country into the mess it is in today. And it is his policies that Mitt Romney will revert to if elected.

The Republicans set out not to help our country get back on its feet, but to make sure that Barack Obama was a one-term president. Instead of doing what would have been right for our country, Congress set out to block him at every turn. They've done it so that they can say he is responsible for our country's failures.

As Rush Limbaugh said, "I hope he fails." Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the goal of the Republican Party was to ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president. Their goal should have been to help get our country into recovery. In the meantime our citizens must continue to endure the hardships of what George W. Bush's policies have caused.

So far, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have offered no specifics of what they plan to do. Saying Mr. Obama has not done his job and "We will fix things" offers no specifics. Mr. Romney, by not releasing his past tax records, seems to me to say he has something to hide.

Anyone who is poor, middle class, a woman, black, Hispanic, gay, a veteran or elderly would be voting against their own best interest by voting for any Republican in this election. Their record is one of obstructionism and extreme partisanship.




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