GOP obstruction

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Jack Kelly's column "Obama's Real Record" (Sept. 30) was laced with a litany of negative events and what Mr. Kelly considers misguided accomplishments during President Barack Obama's first term in office.

To quote Mr. Kelly: "We face the greatest fiscal crisis since the Depression." He parrots the talking points spouted by the right-wing Republicans.

This column is an obvious effort to discredit President Obama regardless of his attempts to pass legislation, end two wars, provide health care for all Americans, avert the greatest financial crisis since the Depression and secure Medicare for all senior citizens -- just to name a few.

All the attempts by President Obama and the Democrats to pass legislation to correct Mr. Kelly's concerns were rebuffed by the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Kelly, for reasons unknown, neglected to write about the deliberate obstruction by Republicans to destroy and undermine President Obama's plans. Instead they voted their political party's ideological agenda, instead of voting for what is right for the people in the United States.

Finally, Mr. Kelly, your bias against President Obama and the Democratic Party is as silly as your Sunday column.




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