Light and bright

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As an avid bike rider who logs over 100 miles a week, I'm keenly aware of the joys and dangers that come with biking in Western Pennsylvania. And the recent news of more riders being hit by cars leads me to believe we have to take matters into our own hands.

Rather than assailing the careless driver (there are way too many of them to take on), we need to take responsibility for our own safety. When I traveled to London, I was struck at how the clothes bikers wear are all light and bright, and they have reflective materials on the clothes and bikes. This is in contrast to what I see here at home where many bicycle riders look like they are in urban camouflage.

We can't dress for biking the way we dress to go to the grocery store or out on a date. That's just asking for trouble. Let's spread the word among the biking community that we need to dress light and bright before we take to the roads.

Franklin Park



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