Thank you, Pirates, for an exciting summer

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What a difference a month can make when it comes to our Pittsburgh Pirates. All summer long the fans were excited, thinking this would be the year we make the playoffs. Now that the season is winding down and the Pirates have fallen into their all-too-familiar slump, all I'm hearing is negative things about the team. I wish people would concentrate on all the positive aspects of the season.

I have always been a Pirates fan, whether they are winning or losing. This year, I saw so much excitement for our team. The several games I attended were almost electric; the stadium was full, fans were excited and I was in awe. I noted the abundance of Pirates gear on the streets and the addition of the Zoltan symbol to T-shirts. Pittsburgh was excited about the Pirates and it was amazing.

I understand that, as fans, we got our hopes up only to have them squashed, but can't we focus on the positive things that came out of this season? Pittsburgh was a baseball town once again this summer and it did wonders for the city. Zoltan most likely was not responsible for all the games we won this summer, but it got people excited! Young people who previously couldn't care less about the Pirates became fans and it became "cool" to go to a Pirates game.

Let's focus on all the good things the Pirates have accomplished this season. Attendance was up. Young people became fans, hopefully for life. The city of Pittsburgh spent most of the summer as a baseball town once again and Zoltan became a well-known symbol. Before you bash the Pirates, try to remember all the joy they brought this summer.

To the Pirates organization, I say thank you for a great season! Thanks for getting this city excited and bringing baseball back to the 'Burgh. There's always next year ...




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