Troubling path

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I was delighted to see that the first two letters on Sept. 19 were fair and balanced, especially since you are known to be a liberal publication. These letters actually gave Mitt Romney a "fair shot," a term our current president is fond of.

However, I read on and got to a letter from Bob and Margie Hartsock ("Reject War Hawks"), who must be living in an underground bunker in Fox Chapel to feel as secure as they seem. The letter states that we cannot afford another disastrous war.

What in the name of Obama do they think we have right now in the Middle East? They refer to Mr. Romney's advisers as "war hawks."

It is the passive interest of our president that has created a massive outbreak of protest and attacks, not some stupid video that none of these people have seen. This didn't just happen overnight. If a 14-minute video is supposed to incite this kind of reaction, what is going to happen when the movie that the Obama administration supported with information about the killing of Osama bin Laden comes out? What possible motive could this administration have for promoting such a movie?

It has taken almost four years of apology and apathy to weaken our country in the eyes of the world so that we are an easy mark.

The letter goes on to say, "Don't vote for another war, which will wreck our recovering economy and rob you of your personal security." Huh? If we keep on the path President Obama is leading us, the economy will be the least of our troubles.

Upper St. Clair



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