UPMC should be treated as a for-profit

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Thank you for your report "UPMC: Forging a Giant Footprint" (Sept. 23-26).

I'm a homeowner. I work hard to provide for my family and to support my community by paying taxes. It's time that UPMC do the same.

UPMC is a $9.6 billion corporation that made $351 million in profit last year. It owns $1.6 billion worth of property in Allegheny County. But UPMC managed to avoid $42 million in taxes. This at a time when our bus routes are being cut and teachers laid off.

As homeowners, if we don't pay our taxes, we lose our homes. When UPMC dodges taxes, it gives CEO Jeffrey Romoff a big raise and plows money into facilities in Italy and Qatar.

UPMC justifies its free ride by claiming it's a nonprofit. What was charitable about closing Braddock Hospital? What was charitable about threatening to lock out 2 million Highmark patients from UPMC facilities? UPMC acts like a for-profit corporation. It's time we treat it like one.

If I pay my share, UPMC should too. No more free rides for UPMC. It's time to tax UPMC.



First Published September 27, 2012 12:00 AM


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