Budding anew

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We, the American public, are like landlords of a residential property. We lease out the White House four years at a time, knowing that at least every eight years there will be a new tenant.

We are concerned about how our tenants take care of the White House as well as the other items for which residents are responsible. Other items residents are responsible for include the economy, our common defense and our retirement funding as well as health care programs for when we get older.

The current tenant moved in while everything was a mess, an absolute disaster. It was as if there were a garden at the residence and the previous tenant destroyed it.

In contrast the tenant before the previous one worked hard to make the garden fruitful so the flowers and plants could grow and multiply. After he left, all the gains he left were wiped out and the garden wilted away.

As gardeners know, it takes time and work to enable a garden to recover. It cannot be done overnight. In some cases, it may take years until a damaged garden will once again blossom.

For the past few years the current White House tenant has made great strides in restoring the garden. Now is not the time to put it back into the hands of the group that poisoned the garden and lose the gains that have been made against great odds.

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