No one is guilt-free

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After reading a letter on the PG website that mentioned a bumper sticker that read "Jesus helped others, Republicans help themselves" ("The Way of the GOP," Aug. 10) and all the subsequent online reader comments citing tit-for-tat examples of the charity (or lack thereof) of our elected officials, I couldn't help but think of a better sticker slogan: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

We're reminded that for as we judge others, so too will we be judged. If you think there aren't great acts of charity and equally sad acts of avarice to be found in both major parties, then you should work on getting that wooden beam out of your eye before trying to remove the splinter from mine. Greed isn't a political trait to be assigned to a party; it's a human trait that everyone of us has been guilty of at some point in our lives.

There are plenty of important discussions to be had before the election in November. Letters using Christ as a way to instigate political bickering don't seem to be worthy of printing.




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