Another GOP stunt

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The July 13 column by Matt Miller ("GOP to the Uninsured: Drop Dead") got it right. The Republicans in Congress, including my own representative, Tim Murphy, are offering little in the way of solutions.

As a mom, I know that sometimes a baby's cries won't be quelled by a bottle, a diaper change or a rocking chair. Sometimes crying babies just want the attention. And that's exactly what the House Republicans got with their 31st Affordable Care Act repeal vote: attention. They accomplished absolutely nothing, but they managed to make lots of headlines.

The House is keeping its fingers crossed that voters won't realize the futility of the repeal vote and how much it has cost taxpayers.

CBS News reported that the repeal-a-palooza has cost taxpayers nearly $50 million (that's what the House of Representatives costs taxpayers for two weeks' work).

I wish Rep. Murphy would focus his energy and my tax dollars on real votes, not publicity stunts.




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