Issue One: Health care

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It's not a right

Will someone please show me where it's written in the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights that health care is a right of U.S. citizenship? It's not in them, yet it's become the mantra of greedy liberals and progressives who demand cradle-to-grave care by a nanny government. So stop claiming that health care is your right or be known as misinformed liars.

The fact is, health care is a luxury, just as living in a nice neighborhood, driving a nice car, eating out, going to college, watching cable TV, wearing new clothes, having a maid or a swimming pool and owning all the latest electronic gadgets are luxuries. Just because you desire something that others have doesn't make it your God-given right to have it yourself.

If you covet the luxuries that provide for a longer, more comfortable life, then work hard and reprioritize your spending. Purchase health insurance before you spend money on any of the above luxuries. Unfortunately, too many citizens and noncitizens alike have found it easier to vote themselves these luxuries rather than work for them.

No wonder so many Americans are obese! No wonder so many illegal aliens vote Democratic! We've become a country of lazy gluttons looking for the government to give us everything we want. This is America's demise.

Franklin Park

Change is needed

Everyone thinks they are right in the world they live in, so both sides of the health-care debate think they are right. The truth of the matter is we need to think in terms of creating a healthy society -- not in terms of protecting our individual worlds -- to come to a meaningful agreement on quality health care for everyone.

The insurance companies are concerned about their bottom lines. People employed in the health-care industry are concerned about their jobs. People who already have insurance have a selfish idea to "change the other guy's health care, not mine."

As a society we are all in this together and we all eventually pay a price for the failures of society. Forty-seven million Americans without health care is a failure of our society. Families going bankrupt over health-care issues is a failure of our society.

Americans need to put aside their personal motives! Stop being selfish! And start supporting changes that will help everyone. People who think they are safe and secure with their existing health care are only fooling themselves. All they need to do is lose their jobs or have their employers decide to switch to a lesser plan and their world can be thrown into turmoil.

Any elected official who does not support meaningful changes to health care such as the public option should be voted out of office.


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