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This Yough fish kill is outrageous

I am appalled by the Dec. 20 article reporting the fish kill at the Yough Dam ("Fish Kill Reported in Upper Yough"). As a resident of the Yough reservoir area and an avid fisherman of the Yough, I am deeply saddened and enraged at this latest report of a fish kill at the dam.

I understand that the Army Corps of Engineers' mission at the dam is river augmentation and flood control, but environmental issues should also be addressed. In this instance the reservoir was drawn down to complete removal of some old bridge piers, which posed a threat to boater safety. However, this work should have been completed during previous drawdowns. The corps draws the lake down for every winter. The drawdown usually begins around the Fourth of July, and by Labor Day the lake is too low for recreational boating.

Perhaps this recent drawdown should have occurred in mid-fall when the waters were still warm and fish weren't schooling, as the article suggested. Perhaps some sort of underwater demolition could have occurred on the bridge piers that didn't require any sort of drastic drawdown.

I would like to know what the relationship is between the Fish Commission and the Corps of Engineers. The Fish Commission should be as angry as I am.

I know the commission has spent money stocking the lake with walleyes and last year completed a survey of walleye fish at the lake-- all this money spent just to have the corps flush the fish down the river!

I believe a lawsuit needs to be brought on the Corps of Engineers by the Fish Commission, or, better yet, by sportsmen and boaters who enjoy the Yough. We're tired of seeing our lake disappear every year, and with it our fish.


Pens' poor choice

As a lifelong Penguins fan, I was appalled and dismayed by the Penguins' decision to sell the naming rights for the new arena to Consol Energy ("Consol Wins Naming Rights for Arena," Dec. 16).

As the world needs to become greener, the Penguins have chosen as a partner a corporation whose mining practices such as mountaintop removal and longwall mining are extremely damaging to our environment.

Consol claims coal-fired power plants are "clean and green with new technologies," though the coal industry is well aware the technology to burn coal in a clean fashion exists only in the imagination of the industry. Consol cannot point to one "clean and green" power plant in Pennsylvania.

The only thing green that exists in the coal industry is the billions it makes as it destroys the environment and water resources of the United States.


Viewpoint trade

I have a wonderful suggestion on how to entice KDKA to allow for a liberal voice on its AM airwaves ("Right Radio: KD's New Lineup Is More of the Same," Dec. 19 editorial). Make a deal with KDKA management that if it allows Lynn Cullen, say, an hour's airtime a week, that the PG would run a column in your Sunday Forum section by Michelle Malkin.

Once word of this agreement gets out, it is sure to catch on in a major way.

Can you fathom the day when the Big Three, no not the automakers but rather the networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, allow Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly to host their evening newscasts, in gratitude for the major exposure that Fox News has given Alan Colmes to share his ultra-liberal message?

If we want balance, it has to work both ways. Also, you could sweeten the pot, in a deal with KDKA, by offering to run more columns by Ruth Ann Dailey in exchange for a few more hours of Chris Moore.


Stem-cell research

Regarding the letter "Destroys Donors" (Nov. 29): I have statements with a source, a question and a plea.

My source is the National Institutes of Health Web site (www.nih.gov). The NIH states that "adult stem cells, such as blood-forming stem cells in bone marrow ... are currently the only type of stem cell commonly used to treat human diseases." However, these are not being used to treat Parkinson's disease.

Furthermore, the NIH states that "scientists have only been able to do experiments with human embryonic stem cells since 1998 ... federal funds have only been available since August 9, 2001 ... many academic researchers rely on federal funds ... they are just beginning to learn how to grow and use the cells ... research using them is still in its early stages."

Length-of-letter constraints do not permit me to state all that the NIH has to say on this subject. I encourage everyone to access the NIH Web site or contact the NIH by phone or mail for further information.

If it is true that there is an adult stem-cell treatment, why am I, who was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease at 35, not standing in line for the treatment?

My plea is that the author of "Destroys Donors" states the source of information for the letter. It is far more helpful to state facts along with what everyone already deeply feels, that the letter "Mr. Obama, Please Help Find a Cure for My Brother" (Nov. 20) was touching.

Parkinson's Action Network
Pennsylvania State Co-coordinator

My good wishes

To the people of America, and in particular the people of Pittsburgh: May you all have a merry Christmas season. As a contractor for the American military, I have over a long period had the pleasure to meet a large number of America's finest. Your people whilst on exercises in Australia are some of the most pleasant people I have had the pleasure to work with and for.

My wish for all of the parents who have sons and daughters in areas of conflict is that they all return home to their families safely.

To all the troops in areas of conflict: Keep your heads down and enjoy as much as you can of the festive season.

Mineral and Mine Movers Transport
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

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