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Martha Mannix oversees the clinics programs at the University Pittsburgh School of Law. The school runs seven clinics -- including health, environmental and elder law -- to give legal help to underserved clients throughout Allegheny County. The PG's Ipso Facto blog spoke with Ms. Mannix about the program's role in the region. Here's a preview:

Ipso: How would things be different in Pittsburgh without the clinic program?

Mannix: Everybody says there are too many lawyers, but that's not actually true. There's a huge group of people who go unrepresented that have matters really critical to their well being and critical to their neighborhoods. If those legal needs go unmet, the city is a much less attractive place for people to come to.


For the full Q&A, visit the PG's Ipso Facto blog at http://communityvoices.sites.post-gazette.com.


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