An eggplant flea beetle on a potato plant.

How to identify the eggplant flea beetle

Eggplant flea beetles are causing problems in vegetable gardens.

2 days ago

 A pond in the backyard of Tsambiko Capperis' rowhouse in Manchester.

Discover Manchester's homes and gardens

History, architecture and flowers come together in Manchester House + Garden Tour on Aug. 9.

3 days ago

 ‘Freida Hempel’ caladium between heuchera

Tropical annual Caladiums gives summer-long drama

For a tropical show in the shade, caladiums are the best bulbs around providing intense color from late May through September.

1 week ago

 This basil plant from my Ross garden is growing in a pot and is infected with basil downy mildew. The disease manifests itself slowly at first and then will kill the plant. There is no cure.

Fungal diseases threaten basil and tomatoes. Weevils are after the tulip trees

Tomatoes are also struggling with fungal diseases and weevils are bedeviling poplar, magnolia and sassafras trees. But there is hope!

1 week ago

 Don Clayton of Franklin Park points to the new walls that are part of a $100,000 backyard project done by A&N Lawn Service Inc.

From grill to great: The livin' is easy — and outdoors — for many in Pittsburgh region

The outdoor living space was slow to catch on in Western Pennsylvania, but more and more are investing and enjoying the view.

1 week ago

 Eric Kobal has spent more than a year restoring the Pottery Terrace Planter. The area is a somewhat secret garden, as Fallingwater visitors rarely get to the terrace. Mr. Kobal hopes this restoration will make the garden a focal point.

'Secret garden' restored at Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater

For three years Eric Kobal led tours at Fallingwater, but last fall he began a very special project as a landscape volunteer.

2 weeks ago

 A Harry Lauder’s walking stick (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’) infected with eastern filbert blight.

Gardening Q&A: Henry Lauder’s walking stick felled by blight

Henry Lauder’s walking stick infected with eastern filbert blight is probably too sick to save.

2 weeks ago

 The stone patio and path behind Diane Sunderlin and Susan McShane’s home in Mt. Lebanon.

Mt. Lebanon woman and her plants collaborate on a leafy retreat

In Diane Sunderlin's garden, one of eight open Sunday for the Mt. Lebanon Public Library Garden Tour, the plants are in charge.

3 weeks ago

 Digipexis ‘Illumination Raspberry’ is one of the new intergeneric crosses offered this year.

New hybrid plants offer best of both parents

Intergeneric crosses save the best of both plants to create new flowers, trees and vegetables. You can even grow tomatoes and potatoes at

3 weeks ago