Kelly Critic Review: 'Seussical the Musical,' Plum High School

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Dim the lights, the show is about to begin here at Plum's performance of "Seussical the Musical." The music begins and the stage is set. Everybody is ready to perform. Questions run around in my head. What journey will I be on tonight? Where shall I travel to and will I like it when I get there? Will the singing and dancing be good?

I travel into Dr. Seuss's books.

The musical begins with Cat in the Hat hosting the performance. Horton the Elephant finds a clover with a speck of dust on it. He can hear noises. They are people named Whos from a small world. He is mocked and made fun of by all besides his neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz.

Horton is in contact with the mayor of the Whos and decides to protect them from harm. The mayor's son, Jojo, is a thinker. He loves to think but continues to get in trouble for it. Jojo and Horton become friends when they bond over being outcasts.

Then Horton loses the clover and tries to find it but is side tracked with other things. He's thrown into the circus because he agreed to sit on his friend's egg until she returned. Chaos breaks out when Horton escapes the circus, is stuck with the egg and has the clover back. The animals want to boil the clover. The Whos yell out and it is up to Jojo to save the day.

The musical had a very talented cast. There were big voices that hit every note. It was enjoyable to hear. The dances were done to the professional level. The difficulty level for the dance numbers was set high and the performers met the bar. The acting had emotion and the cast put their heart into their roles, playing each character as if they were that character. They were determined to nail it.

The entire cast was talented; however, the wrong musical was chosen for that much talent. The musical itself was boring. I found myself a bit lost in what was occurring because not everything, such as the words to the songs, was crystal clear.

Imagine color!!! Everything was so colorful. The stage was colorful. The costumes were colorful. The makeup was colorful. Colors everywhere. I enjoyed the bright colors. The costumes were colorful but some were unrealistic. The elephant was on stage a lot but his outfit looked pregnant without a trunk.

The musical instruments stayed loud and strong throughout the entire production since there was continuous playing. They only got a break at intermission! They never missed a note.

The show did a good job of capturing Dr. Seuss's silliness and rhyming. It was silly with the crazy adventures each character took. It rhymed, which left the audience with a rhyming vocab after the show.

The message of "a person is a person no matter how small" was clear. It taught us that we are all in the same boat even though we are all different from one another. We are all people and shouldn't be judged because we are a bit different. We have lots to offer.

The cast takes their bows and the curtains close. The lights come on and we exit into the night. My journey is over and I hum "a person is a person no matter how small." I reflect on what I just saw. I enjoyed the talent but wished for a different show.

"Seussical" ran April 11-13.


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