Blue Chip Chat with...Robert Foster, Central Valley High School

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Foster is one of the most highly-touted receivers in the WPIAL in a long time. He is ranked the No. 2 receiver in the country by, while SuperPrep magazine and rank him No. 4. ranks him the No. 16 player overall in the country. Last year he caught 37 passes for 584 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. He's also extremely fast and an excellent safety and kick returner. Foster attended Monaca as a freshman before the school closed and merged with Center to form Central Valley.


Foster has scholarship offers from colleges across the country. One college coach said "he has speed like receivers in Florida and Texas." Earlier this summer, Foster narrowed his list of colleges to seven -- Pitt, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon and Southern California. He insists he has no favorite and isn't close to making a decision.

Your coach [Mark Lyons] said he thinks you might be even a little faster than a year ago. How could you get much faster? I was out here [at Central Valley's stadium] almost every day in the summer with our receivers coach [Adam Caltury]. He just pushed me through the summer and it was hot this summer. So I feel like I have more stamina and can run better this year.

You'll probably get double-teamed a lot this year, won't you? I'm expecting it, but like the coaches say to me, I'm a playmaker and I have to be able to make plays and use the gifts I have.

Will you guys be more of a throwing team this year? I think so. Our quarterback [Nathan Climo] is a very good athlete. He can throw the ball. I think he has potential to make plays, too.

Tell me something fun you did this summer? I worked hard and worked out on the field [laugh]. Anything to do with football was fun. We were down here at 4 o'clock almost every day in the summer -- fighting, sweating, bleeding, everything.

What are the two tattoos on your arm? From [Bible] verses. I'm very religious. My mom lives in Philadelphia and I made a commitment to my mom that I was going to always go to church, regardless. If it wasn't for church, I probably wouldn't still be alive. I made a commitment to my mom and God to be faithful.

You have some crazy 'tweets' on Twitter every now and then, don't you? I got into some real bad trouble with a few of them. I learned, though. I learned that you have to watch what you say on Twitter.

People might be surprised to know that you ... I'm a drummer. I play the drums at my church [Greater Faith Family Worship].

I've heard you don't really like being interviewed, do you? No. I don't really like the media. I just don't like the attention. I feel like there are a lot of other athletes in this world who can do the things I do. Someone can do the exact same stuff as me, so I don't pay a lot of attention to the hype. God gave everyone a gift, so just use it.

If you don't like being interviewed, then why are you doing this interview? Because you're here [laugh]. You call me on the phone, I probably won't talk. But you're here, so ...


First Published August 15, 2012 4:00 AM


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