Blue Chip Chat with Brandon Ifill, Penn Hills

Catching up with the top area high school football players entering 2009

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Height: 6-0 Weight: 180 • Position: WR-DB • Year: Senior

The skinny: Ifill has been on Penn Hills' varsity since his freshman year. He caught 42 passes as a sophomore and 31 last season. He played safety as a junior, but will move to cornerback this season. Cullen Christian, who was a cornerback last year, will move to safety.

College talk: Some colleges like Ifill as a receiver, some as a cornerback and some as a safety. Pitt, Maryland, Michigan, West Virginia and Rutgers are his top five choices, but Maryland is No. 1 on his list. He plans to visit Maryland and Michigan in September. Maryland is recruiting him as a receiver.

How do you like playing safety instead of cornerback? At first, Cullen and I were a little confused. But Coach [Ron] Graham knows our strengths and now we think our secondary is going to be one of the best.

Why did you catch more passes as a sophomore than last season? Last year, we switched around our offense a lot and we had some miscues. Plus, we had some great receivers last year and we tried to spread things around.

Cullen Christian is considering a few of the same colleges as you. What are the chances of you and both going to the same school? At first, we were banking on going to the same school, no matter where it was. Now that we're seeing the whole proces, we're different people. We do compare our thoughts, but we're not banking on going together.

Tell me something about recruiting you don't like? The emails from schools and coaches. They say they're not going to overloard you, but they overload you. Sometimes I think they forget we're still playing football here.

Who emails you the most? Rutgers.

You can go to dinner anywhere, what restaurant would you pick? To be honest with you, the 'O' in Oakland. That's me.

Who is the most dominant athlete in sports today? Usain Bolt. Just as of right now. I mean, a 9.58 in the 100. That's just phenomenal.

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