Portfolio: Bands banned for boom box parade

Participants and spectators will instead be carrying radios tuned to the same local station, which will provide traditional marching music.

about 15 hours ago

"Raves": He’s had no better peer than one through telescope

Longtime passion for peering through telescope makes a man wonder what might have been.

1 day ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Helpful return of passport preserved big trip abroad

Plus: Bert lent strong hands to assist older women, dining cousins received a donated lunch, left purse returned.

2 days ago

 Pete Seeger at a 1986 concert in Pittsburgh.

Local Dispatch: July 4 is a day to sing praises of Pete Seeger and Mom

Voices of Pete Seeger and Mom would make for a great July Fourth holiday.

3 days ago

 Brick steps, part of the Haberman Avenue right of way, descend to Cedarhurst Street in Beltzhoover.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Haberman link seems like the right path for Hilltop

If you know and love Pittsburgh, you will understand the existence of Haberman Avenue.

4 days ago

Portfolio: New York declares war on rats … again

Traps have been set and poisons brewed, to little apparent effect. Emergency conclaves have been called at City Hall.

1 week ago

Grandma had numbers on her side, albeit illicitly

Grandma’s illicit numbers operation had a fun feel to it.

1 week ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Lots of help volunteered during a cemetery visit

Plus: Special efforts were made to help Medicare recipient, strangers fixed woman’s flat tire

1 week ago

 Anthony L. Monteleone Jr. and Sr. in a 2014 photo.

Fathers know best: The more learned about dad, the more he impressed

The things learned after the fact about a father can be really impressive.

1 week ago

Sharon Randall: Soul singer shows how to never stop moving in life

Sharon Jones provides a reminder of how to treasure each moment and chance in life.

1 week ago

 What hue's for you?

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Will Pittsburghers dare show their true (bridge) colors?

For the sake of city’s bridges, we’re saying give puce a chance.

1 week ago

 Caption contest 265

Caption contest 265 ... and the winners of 264

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

1 week ago

These women are sharp at using an ax

Female “lumberjill” competitors show how sharp they can be with an ax.

2 weeks ago

 Popcorn, in those pre-microwave days, required preparation, a ritual of sorts that was rewarding in itself.

Fathers Know Best: Dad’s love made his popcorn an even bigger treat

Father, popcorn and baseball made for some of the best memories.

2 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Maria left impression bigger than car crash

Plus: Angel helped older man with flat tire on his car; women stunned him with gift of free meal.

2 weeks ago

Storytelling: First glimpse of dead person felt right neighborly

A new Herron Hill neighbor and her late father left a huge impression on young girl.

2 weeks ago

 Theresa Sabilla, left, with customer Larry Tatum at Anthon’s.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Basically, East Liberty eatery is ending an era

End of Anthon’s will be the end of an era -- the old East Liberty.

2 weeks ago

The Morning File: Let’s add a guy and make it the Fortunate 51

Something’s somehow unfortunate about the PG’s “Fortunate 50.”

2 weeks ago

Sharon Randall: This is the right time to be a daydreamer

Summer’s great for daydreaming, so start doing it.

2 weeks ago

Portfolio: First bobblehead museum to open soon

Two Milwaukee men think their state is the perfect place for this particular type of quirkiness.

3 weeks ago

 The Clarks: Rob James, Dave Minarik, Scott Blasey and Greg Joseph.

Expat enjoys a little slice of Pittsburgh in Leesburg

Pittsburgh comes to an expatriate visiting Leesburg, Va.

3 weeks ago

The Morning File: A good news quiz to kick off summer

This fun phase of year when spring morphs into summer is one of our favorites for all the perennial reasons.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Widow received luggage help

Plus, some helpful women enabled a car window’s covering, from out of nowhere came an angel with a gift certificate, and more.

3 weeks ago

 Women line up outside Forbes Field.

Baseball Lore: Forbes Field trips filled small-town girl with dread

Small-town girl’s trips to Forbes Field were enough to make her sick, but her sister loved them.

3 weeks ago

 Caption contest No. 264

Caption contest 264 ... and the winners of 263

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

3 weeks ago

Eyewitness 1915: Family’s members had been reading The Pittsburgh Gazette since 1786

“When I first came here in 1848, I remember I got the paper by horseback mail from Pittsburgh through the Elizabethtown post route.”

3 weeks ago

North Korea aims to be a hot travel spot

Pyongyang’s interest in attracting tourists may sound contradictory for a country that has taken extreme measures to remain sheltered.

4 weeks ago

 Leopold "Polda" Tomasich, 1944

Summer Memories: Crotchety neighbor became kids’ No. 1 spectator

Our principal spectator was Leopold Tomasich, whom we knew as “Polda.”

4 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Great Pyrenees’ escape prompted surge of help

Plus, a group of young men pitched in to revive a dead battery.

1 month ago