Portfolio: Animals made unusual news in 2014

Animals figured strongly in some of the most unusual stories of the year.

30 minutes ago

Sharon Randall: Nothing eventful happened this year ... or did it?

Life’s too short to be anything but real. Besides, fakery never fools anybody.

1 day ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Stranger covered a sick cat’s treatment

Plus: Man readily supported fellow postal customer; a bicyclist got down and dirty to help avoid street flood.

2 days ago

Holiday Herald: Childless aunts symbolized spirit of Goodfellows

Aunts showed the true meaning of being “goodfellows.”

3 days ago

 The Bottom Dollar grocery store at 5200 Penn Ave., which opened only six months ago, is faced with closure.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Bottom line is Bottom Dollar has benefited Garfield

With prices like those, who wouldn’t protest to keep their Bottom Dollar store?

4 days ago

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: This man has a gift for making an appeal to Santa

Santa will have to give at least one letter some careful thought.

5 days ago

Caption Contest 250 ... and the winners of 249

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

4 days ago

 Caption contest 252

Caption Contest 252 ... and the winners of 251

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

4 days ago

Eyewitness 1864: Theft ring used kids to steal lead in Lawrenceville

Three adults were arrested and charged with buying stolen lead, often in the form of bullet-shaped rifle balls pilfered by boys employed at

6 days ago

 Ringing in the holidays: the valuable jewelry donated to the Salvation Army in Boston

Holiday donation to Salvation Army has a nice ring to it

A former Salvation Army bell ringer is paying $21,000 for rings that a widow placed inside a red donation kettle in Boston.

1 week ago

Holiday Herald: The bike that rode from Christmas miracle to family infamy

As a child in the 1950s, my brief possession of a 26-inch cobalt blue Schwinn Phantom was a signal event.

1 week ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Caring people helped counter water torrent

Plus: A fall in street didn’t spoil her theater trip and a plunge on icy steps revealed two angels.

1 week ago

Holiday Herald: Christmas with dozens of cousins fit her just right

Christmas felt right amid dozens of cousins and other relatives.

1 week ago

 A West Oakland Light Up Night event  at The Corner

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: The Corner is one special place for West Oakland

West Oakland’s The Corner plans to enhance amenities for little, cut-off neighborhood.

1 week ago

 MoonMail lets you "immortalize your keepsakes on the Moon." Forever.

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: Astrobotics' MoonMail: the gift that keeps on orbiting

The time has come to send something other then men to the moon, like locks of hair.

1 week ago

Officer is helpful hero to an Afghan boy

'Hero' soldier surprises Afghan boy he helped relocate to Scranton area to get surgery.

2 weeks ago

Holiday Herald: Soft bear and blind woman were heavenly match

One year a teddy bear became the greatest gift for a woman who couldn’t see.

2 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Chain of gifts and events keep her late father close

Also: A multitude of helping hands lifted her spirits after a tumble on Walnut Street.

2 weeks ago

Holiday Herald: In simpler era, little transistor radio was a huge gift

Recall this: A transistor radio was once the cutting edge of consumer electronics, equal to close to a week’s wages for my mother.

2 weeks ago

 Dan Iddings in his new store, Classic Lines Bookstore.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Librarian branches out with own homey bookstore, Classic Lines in Squirrel Hill

A second independent bookstore opens in Squirrel Hill, providing the personal touch that’s drawing a trend in niche shoppers.

2 weeks ago

 See all that resilience?

Gary Rotstein's Morning File: 'Pittsburgh: Someplace Resilient'? If the slogan fits, wear it

The Rockefeller Foundation last week named  Pittsburgh one of the world’s most “resilient” cities. If that’s a compliment, thank you kindly.

2 weeks ago

 Caption contest 251

Caption Contest 251 ... and the winners of 250

Stacy Innerst is the artist. You are the caption writer.

2 weeks ago

Holiday Herald: It sounds like she’ll miss her noisy, nutty family

One very pregnant Western Pennsylvanian is sad she won’t be home for crazy holiday.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: Whenever husband falls, a passer-by picks him up

Also: Restaurant owner made teenager feel special; stranger’s help stronger than harm from ice; vet recognizes his positive treatment.

3 weeks ago

Friendship’s great gift: helping get rid of clutter

Recycled gifts: a great holiday treat, even if not everyone realizes it.

3 weeks ago

 Albert's Sale & Service, Downtown, in the early 1970s

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Plaque for Downtown gas station honors the little guy

Point Park University marks the spot where Gene Albert plied his trade as an auto mechanic for more than 40 years.

3 weeks ago

Gary Rotstein: An ugly Christmas tree says a lot about people

If an ugly Christmas tree could talk ...

3 weeks ago

Dad may have liked his snowy funeral

Hearse gets stuck in Pennsylvania snow, adding smiles to family's sorrow.

4 weeks ago

Storytelling: Slogging through the 1950 storm had its rewards

Thanksgiving Day in 1950 was like most others. Those who ventured out that day after Thanksgiving had harrowing tales to tell.

3 weeks ago

Random Acts of Kindness: A tumble ruined her walk but showed others’ grace

Also: Patrons at the theater helped woman in need; Someone took care of man’s debit card

1 month ago


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