Alejandro Diaz as the Prince, left, hands a rose to Alexandra Kochis as the Beauty in the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre production of "Beauty and the Beast."

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre stages 'Beauty and the Beast' for sensory-sensitive audience

Specially adapted performance gives those with sensory sensitivities a chance to experience a theater production.

about 1 hour ago

 FILE - In this Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, file photo, a sign directs students to a clinic at Matthew Knight Arena on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Ore., where students can get vaccinated for a blood stream infection that can cause a form of meningitis. The University of Oregon is planning to start a mass vaccination of the 22,000-person student body starting on March 2, according to The Register-Guard. A federal panel is recommending that two new meningitis vaccines only be used during outbreaks and not be given routinely to teens and college students. (AP Photo/The Register-Guard, Andy Nelson, File)

Panel: Use new meningitis vaccines only for outbreaks

Two new meningitis vaccines should be used just for rare outbreaks, a federal panel recommends.

about 1 hour ago

Deadly diarrhea disease C. difficile infects almost 500,000 in U.S. each year

Cdiff bacterial deaths have more than doubled since 2007, and more than 80 percent of the deaths are among people 65 and older.

about 1 hour ago

 Terry Gerigk Wolf, former Medical Center Director and CEO of the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System.

Families, congressional leaders angered by revelations in ex-VA director's appeal case

Congressional leaders and family members upset by revelations in former Pittsburgh VA director’s appeal file.

1 day ago

U.S. health official says no fix if Obamacare subsidies thrown out

The Supreme Court is expected to rule by the end of June on whether residents in at least 34 states are eligible for federal tax subsidies.

2 days ago

Preventative treatment dramatically reduces HIV risk in gay men

A daily preventative dose of an AIDS treatment drug was found to reduce the risk of HIV infection among gay men by 86 percent.

2 days ago

 Katie Hammond Holtz, center, conducts mindfulness training for  UPMC nurses.

Stress busters: UPMC nurses undergo mindfulness training to cope with job pressures

Katie Hammond Holtz leads mindfulness meditation retreats for nurses to reduce stress, gain focus and improve health-care quality.

3 days ago

 For women over 65, some benefits of aspirin have been seen: a lower risk of ischemic stroke and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

An aspirin a day? Risks may outweigh benefits

Patients should talk carefully with their doctors before starting aspirin therapy.

3 days ago

 “I’m really expecting the court to do the right thing, which is to say you don’t really need state exchanges to qualify for the credits,” Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday in an interview in Washington, D.C.

Pennsylvania's governor prepares for loss of federal health insurance subsidies

If the U.S. Supreme Court guts the Affordable Care Act this summer, the Pennsylvania governor wants to have a backup plan in place.

3 days ago

 Katie Hammond Holtz conducts mindfulness training for  UPMC nurses.

Mindfulness is a daylong practice

Pittsburgh’s Katie Hammond Holtz provides advice on using mindfulness throughout the day to induce calmness and clarity of thought.

3 days ago

Pitt testing drug on adults with depression

Researchers at University of Pittsburgh and UPMC are testing a medicine used for detox to see if it may help depressed older adults.

3 days ago

Health happenings: Feb. 24, 2015

Health-related events in the community for the coming week.

3 days ago

In Supreme Court case challenging ACA, some question plaintiffs’ true problem with law

The plaintiffs charge that the Internal Revenue Service’s interpretation of the federal health care law is wrong.

3 days ago

 Safepole offers a new take on the traditional IV poles found in most hospitals.

Bayer, entrepreneur revamping the IV pole

Safepole can now be found at the University of North Carolina, some VA hospitals, Northwestern and Kaiser Permanente.

3 days ago

Justice Dept. vs. Big Tobacco battle over cigarettes continues

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and several other leading companies are challenging the vividly worded statements mandated by a federal judge.

4 days ago

After lobbying push, drugmaker resubmits women’s sex pill

Ongoing saga of Sprout Pharmaceutical’s female libido drug illustrates the complicated politics and unresolved science of women’s sexuality.

5 days ago

800,000 using Obamacare website sent bad tax data

Wrong tax information sent to about 800,000 enrollees has forced the Obama administration to urge them Friday to delay their tax filings.

6 days ago

 In this Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 photograph, Hackensack University Medical Center cardiologist Dr. Sarah Timmapuri, left, looks at data on a smart phone synchronized to a new Fitbit Surge worn by patient Gary Wilhelm, 51, during an examination in Hackensack, N.J. Wilhelm, who works at Hackensack University Medical Center on payroll and finance technology, joined Hackensack’s app test after he suffered a heart attack in October. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care

HACKENSACK, N.J. — That phone app keeping track of your exercise and meals might keep you out of the hospital one day.

6 days ago

 VA Pittsburgh's University Drive Facility

Questions remain over settlement reached with fired VA director

Documents in the appeal file of former Pittsburgh VA director Terry Wolf raise questions.

6 days ago

 Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, technology is already used to track how prescription drugs move across international borders and through the medical supply chain.

'Edible' radio tags could stifle sales of bogus meds

CMU researchers are working on a tiny, ingestible radio ID tag that could be embedded in pills to help verify their authenticity.

1 week ago

 Robyn Tongel, of Plum, goes over the family's schedule for the week with her children, Ellie, 11, and Jack, 9, while preparing dinner.

Finding balance: Family time doesn't have to compete with kids' extracurricular activities

The over-scheduled child is a topic that has been tackled from books to talk shows to academic studies.

1 week ago

 The Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Pitt study sees YouTube as way to teach responsible drinking

In most popular YouTube videos, drunkenness is portrayed favorably, which concerns a team of University of Pittsburgh researchers.

1 week ago

Former Allegheny County drug screener charged with taking money to falsify test results

Roderick Diggs, 28, is charged with bribery in official matters and two counts of unsworn falsification, among other offenses.

6 days ago

 The latest issue involves a government form called a 1095-A, which is like a W-2 form for health care for people who got subsidized private coverage under President Obama’s law.

New 'black mark' for health care site: Thousands receive wrong tax info

Officials are asking the approximately 800,000 customers affected to delay filing their 2014 returns.

6 days ago

Warning issued on bacterial infections from endoscopies

The medical devices, used to diagnose and treat digestive problems, may infect patients with potentially deadly drug-resistant bacteria.

1 week ago

Panel calls for less sugar, eases cholesterol restrictions

A nutrition advisory panel for the federal dietary guidelines urged sharp new limits on added sugars that Americans should consume.

1 week ago

FDA eases access to DNA screening for inherited diseases

Food and Drug Administration said it will ease access to DNA tests to screen parents for genetic disorders they might pass on to children.

1 week ago

UPMC doctor chosen for commission to oversee VA health improvements

Dr. Marshall W. Webster is among 15 on the Commission on Care authorized after problems with care at Veterans Administration hospitals.

1 week ago

 Aiden Zangrilli, 2, is battling leukemia.

Point Park women's basketball players square off against leukemia for Aiden

Proceeds from the game are to benefit Aiden Zangrilli, a 2-year-old boy from South Park who has leukemia and needs a stem cell donor match.

1 week ago

Pennsylvania Senate passes proposed amendment on nonprofit tax exemptions

If passed by the House, the proposed amendment would appear on a ballot for approval by Pennsylvania voters.

1 week ago

A cure for suffering: Just ask

Reducing patient suffering caused by medical care itself is now a medical goal.

1 week ago

 Aaliyah Coleman does a set of sideways lunges -- a prescribed exercise.

Studies find exercise is the best medicine for many ills

Exercise, according to mounting studies, is helpful in the treatment of many diagnoses and more doctors are prescribing physical activity.

1 week ago

 Chris Mann, the former "Voice" contestant now playing the title character in the tour of "The Phantom of the Opera," has joined forces with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi on the "Remember Me" campaign with a video to benefit the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.

Actor/singer Chris Mann promotes Alzheimer's research

The national tour’s Phantom campaigns to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease through music and sharing how it has touched families.

1 week ago

Studies point out benefits of exercise

Exercise is often a more effective treatment than drugs for a number of conditions, according to several studies.

1 week ago

 A CSX Corp. train burns after the derailment of more than 100 tankers of crude oil Monday afternoon.

Federal officials probing West Virginia oil train derailment

A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed Monday; 20 caught fire or exploded and a house was hit.

1 week ago

Health happenings for Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Health events scheduled for the coming week.

1 week ago

 In this Thursday photo, a laptop shows the website during an Affordable Care Act enrollment event at the Fort Worth Public Library in Fort Worth, Texas. For the second year in a row, millions of Americans have signed up for subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama’s law. But as the 2015 sign-up season drew to a close Sunday, the future of the Affordable Care Act remained in doubt.

Senior Democrats seek sign-up extension for people facing health law penalties

They strongly urged the administration to grant a special sign-up opportunity for the uninsured who will be facing fines under the law.

1 week ago

Hot flashes may persist for 14 years, study finds

Conventional wisdom has it that hot flashes, which afflict as many as 80 percent of middle-aged women, usually persist for just a few years.

1 week ago

 Pat Toomey, his wife, Kris, and son Duncan.

Kris Toomey swims, bikes, runs to fight her mother's cancer

Kris Toomey, wife to Pennsylvania’s Republican senator, is in training for a 140.6-mile run, ride and swim in Lake Placid, N.Y.

1 week ago

 Candice Buchanan, 35, of Castle Shannon holds a 1910  portrait of Emma Staggers, the daughter of her great-great-great-great grandmother. The two were hospitalized at Dixmont State Hospital in Kilbuck in the early 1900s.

Vanished mental-health archives stymie genealogists

Genealogists in Pennsylvania and beyond criticize restrictions on accessing old mental-health records to track down family members.

1 week ago

Don’t blame the teenage brain for risk-taking

A University of Pittsburgh researcher is working to dispel myths about the way adolescent brains operate.

1 week ago

Rehab unit will offer drug for overdoses

The new study would examine how the overdose reversal drug naloxone is used and how families and those addicted deal with recovery.

1 week ago

 GNC had high fourth quarter earnings, but CEO Mike Archbold said he wants to see more improvement.

GNC reports fourth-quarter income numbers

For the year, GNC reported consolidated revenue of $2.61 billion, compared with $2.63 billion in 2013.

2 weeks ago

Allegheny Health Network 'Health for Her' series focuses on the heart

The network is offering programs that focus on how to recognize and reduce the risk factors for heart problems.

2 weeks ago

 The American Lung Association says Pittsburgh is the most polluted city east of California.

How polluted is the Pittsburgh region? CMU professor helps shed light on air quality

Albert Presto has been monitoring air pollution levels in the area for two years and will share his maps at a public forum tonight.

2 weeks ago

Research pushes clot-removal treatment forward as new standard in treating strokes

Stroke experts tell of markedly positive results with a clot-removal treatment using a stent device to treat difficult cases.

2 weeks ago

Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh Public Schools detail tuberculosis response

Tuesday’s meeting at Brashear High School followed confirmation that a South Hills 6-8 student had contracted tuberculosis.

2 weeks ago

U.S. poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol in diet

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee found that cholesterol in the diet need no longer be considered a “nutrient of concern.”

2 weeks ago

 Ellen Wright Clayton, chair of the Committee on Diagnostic Criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, left, speaks during an open meeting at the Institute of Medicine in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real and serious disease that needs a new name to reflect that — and a straightforward way to diagnose the illness, a government advisory group declares. The new name, Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, better reflects the hallmark symptoms of this mysterious illness — namely, that patients can be wiped out by exertion. Committee member Peter Rowe sits at right.

Report urges new name, better diagnosis for chronic fatigue

Patients flooded the prestigious Institute of Medicine with stories of years of misdiagnosis or even being dismissed by skeptical doctors.

2 weeks ago

 Mark Melancon says InsideTracker, which analyzes 30 blood-based biomarkers, has helped him with his health and fitness.

Pirates Melancon depends on web-based platforms to track health, fitness

“It was an easy way to put the data together, understand what was going on and break down vitamins and cholesterol,” he says.

2 weeks ago


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