2011 Education Planning Guide: The Next Step

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Deciding the next step to take in education comes with a host of questions. This special section contains advice aimed at answering some of the most pressing of them.In America today, a high-school diploma is almost meaningless, if you hope to succeed in your career. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

A safe bet for landing a job quickly might be to study business, engineering or computer science -- three fields that are expected to attract the most attention from recruiters this year.

Now that you've earned your bachelor's degree, you have your ticket to the job of your dreams. Or do you?

Workers across Western Pennsylvania can choose from a variety of short-term educational programs to improve their employment chances

Two words strike fear into the hearts of many students: standardized tests. And for good reason, it's what many schools use for granting admission, as well as for distributing scholarship money.

Schools that receive federal money will have to make available online calculators to help students and parents determine how much they will be paying.

Every dollar in scholarships or grants is one that you don't have to pay out of pocket. Here are some tips on applying for them.

We'd all like to get a college education that won't cost us a dime. While that might be realistic, there are opportunities that won't break the family budget.

We offer a sample of online sites that can help you learn more about postsecondary education.


Vocation, career and technical options

Facing and overcoming the obstacles to earning a college degree.

Navigating the waters of higher education loans.

Planning the search for tuition assistance, scholarships, grants.

The mysterious keys to college admission.

Where kids go to college.

Decisions ... part of the college experience.

Improving your chances of success in college.

Students and recent grads talk about what they wish they had known going in ...


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