Video: A tribute to Myron Cope

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Myron Cope, longtime Pittsburgh broadcaster and the voice of the Steelers, died today at the age of 79.

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In declining health since even before his 2005 retirement after a record 35 years of Steelers broadcasts, Mr. Cope died of respiratory failure.

One of the last of the great sports characters, Mr. Cope's life and career were nothing less than book-worthy, even if he had to write it himself. Twice.

"Double Yoi" it was called both times, the second an updated version of the original 2002 volume, the title immortalizing one of Mr. Cope's signature exclamations, which, along with "Okle-dokle," "Dumbkopf!", and "How do?", became so familiar to his radio and TV audiences.

This video, filled with photographs documenting his colorful life, is a tribute to a Pittsburgh icon.

Music for this video was provided by David O'Block, "In The Name Of Cope," and Charlie Godart, "Myron's Double Yoi Polka."

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Questions or comments on this presentation may be sent here. This video was produced by Lizabeth Gray.


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