Video: Councilwoman Twanda Carlisle resigns

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By Gabrielle Banks
and Lake Fong
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Twanda Carlisle today pleaded no contest to charges she operated a kickback scheme with her staff members and will resign effective today.

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Ms. Carlisle was to have gone on trial today, but her attorney and prosecutors this morning announced they had worked out a plea agreement.

Ms. Carlisle pleaded no contest to six felonies, five misdemeanors and three ethics charges that were originally filed separately. She was accused of inappropriately getting more than $43,000 in city funds. Prosecutors had already moved to freeze some of her assets.

Ms. Carlisle made no comment during her plea before Judge John Zottola or afterwards.

Her attorney, Patrick Thomassey, said she would submit her resignation, effective today. Her term was to expire next month.

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