Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Trump's dark carnival of lies and vulgarity

Mr. Trump’s relationship to facts has always been tenuous. He recently “recalled” seeing Muslims in New Jersey support the 9/11 attacks.

6 days ago

Tony Norman: The power (and some folly) of campus protests

At Princeton University, the archaic term “master” has been retired and will no longer be sanctioned by the school to refer to leaders.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Bashing Syrian refugees: Christian hypocrisy on parade

I am embarrassed about identifying as Christian when so many of my co-religionists act like heartless fools at every opportunity.

1 week ago

 Supporters of Concerned Student 1950 celebrate following University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe's resignation announcement Monday.

Tony Norman: Money talked in Missouri, but justice was done

Racial unrest roiling, the University of Missouri president resigns under multiple pressures. Let the healing begin, but with level heads.

2 weeks ago

 What will he say next?

Tony Norman: What's Ben Carson's biggest obstacle?

The Republican candidate does well among conservative white voters. These days, though, black people can’t stand him.

3 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Harrisburg is one big case of obscenity

Obscenity is on full display by politicians and jurists in Harrisburg.

3 weeks ago