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Saturday Poem: Mama Hands

She’s a calligrapher and her hands are her tools. She grasps the quill pen as gently as a dancer’s hip, feather moving high ...

about 16 hours ago

Paul Krugman: America’s national insecurity

Political elites don’t know how Americans live.

about 16 hours ago

Saturday Diary: Tracking down Bullwinkle

I followed a rocky trail looking for the elusive former mafia informant for the DEA.

about 16 hours ago

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Once there was a peace-loving administration, whose members wanted nothing more than to realize their full potential as human beings.

about 16 hours ago

First Person: The road I traveled

Teaching has taught me how to handle life.

about 16 hours ago

Charles Krauthammer: Doctors want to help patients, not do data entry

Physicians are experiencing an incessant interference with their work and a deep erosion of their autonomy and authority.

about 16 hours ago

Finish off FIFA

It’s long past time for someone else to run world soccer.

1 day ago

George F. Will: Campaigns vs. elections

We shouldn’t regulate what people say about candidates.

1 day ago

 Frank Sinatra

I’m Frank Sinatra’s cousin!

And you probably are, too!

1 day ago

 Jockey Victor Espinoza aboard American Pharoah celebrates after winning the 140th Preakness Stakes May 16.

Jennifer Graham: Flogging here, flogging there

Saudi Arabia treats bloggers worse than we treat horses.

2 days ago

Direct from Houston

Natural gas is remaking the Pittsburgh regional economy.

2 days ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Ireland’s social revolution

Marriage vote elicits two reactions from Catholic leaders.

2 days ago

David Brooks: New-age immigration

Immigrants today are not like the immigrants of yesteryear.

3 days ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Conformity on the right

GOP candidates are being forced to march in lockstep.

4 days ago

Gail Collins: Where the GOP race is now

Hopefuls are vying to be on stage as part of the first Republican debate.

4 days ago

Ross Douthat: The Islamic State's collapse isn't inevitable

Similarly, it seemed highly implausible that a cabal of Bolsheviks would rule the Russian empire for 70-odd years.

4 days ago

 In this Feb. 10, 2015, file photo, Anthony Khoury, head of Middle East and Africa expansions for Uber, demonstrates the mobile application at a press event to celebrate the official launch of the car-hailing service in Cairo.

Maureen Dowd: Driving Uber mad

I’ve learned the ride-sharing app is judging me.

5 days ago

George F. Will: Sen. Tim Kaine's quest for war legitimacy

The senator from Virginia wants Congress to do its job and authorize the use of military force against the Islamic State group.

5 days ago

As Others See It: Welfare madness in Kansas

Kansas’ punitive strike against the poor might be backfiring.

5 days ago

Sharon Randall: Home church is everlasting, even among strangers

Trip back to church of childhood is special, even when you don’t know anyone anymore.

5 days ago

 Arnold Benson Jr., left, killed in Vietnam; Fran Rifugiato, center, served in World War II; Jared Monti, right, killed in Afghanistan and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Every day is Memorial Day

Combat veterans always keep in mind the comrades who didn’t come home.

6 days ago

Pot used to be pretty harmless, but it’s plenty dangerous today

I am a physician who grew up in the 1960s and ’70s when marijuana was the go-to drug for relaxing with friends or listening to music. Even

6 days ago

As whites lose their majority

Yes, there’s some backlash, but most whites seem OK with it.

6 days ago

Tweak the governor’s budget

Wolf’s proposals are good ones but could do more to help lower- and middle-income Pennsylvanians.

6 days ago

 Thirsty in Wilkinsburg? In the 1950s, you could go for the Coca-Cola advertised above in the shops on Wood Street.

The Next Page: You can wet your whistle in Wilkinsburg after 145 years

Voters overturned the dry spell James Kelly imposed on Wilkinsburg writes Michael Connors

6 days ago

Paul Krugman: We were lied into the Iraq War

Let’s not fall for a false narrative about how 'mistakes were made.'

1 week ago

 Bill and Kathleen Simpson in 2013.

Saturday Diary: Mrs. Simpson’s garden blooms

Kathleen Simpson passed away in April, and she'd be glad to know her azaleas are doing well.

1 week ago

 Wireless Tower 2

First Person: The long reach of short waves

I sold my short-wave radio today. I hadn’t used it much in the last 10 years, and not at all in the last two, but I had owned it since high

1 week ago

Saturday Poem: To the Woman Who Holds a Soldier in Her Hands

The frame is simple, unpolished — / flat black sections fitting into seamless miters. / His uniform, crisp against her wrinkled chest ...

1 week ago

Charles Krauthammer: A better hypothetical -- What if Obama hadn’t pulled out of Iraq?

Following six years of Mr. Obama’s steady and determined withdrawal from the Middle East, America’s standing in the region has collapsed.

1 week ago

The nukes of North Korea

At some point, Kim Jong Un will be able to hit the United States.

1 week ago

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Progressive frenemies

Let’s not exaggerate the divisions in the Democratic Party

1 week ago

Gail Collins: Harriet Tubman vs. Andrew Jackson

Women should have money and be on money, too.

1 week ago

Pittsburgh needs affordable housing

Many of Pittsburgh’s iconic neighborhoods are growing again as the result of the expanding health care, education and technology sectors of

1 week ago

George F. Will: Our disappearing death penalty

Many conservatives have joined the movement against capital punishment.

1 week ago

Joe Nocera: Climate change backup plan

If we don’t cut enough carbon, we’ll need to geoengineer.

1 week ago

Might Putin blackmail Clinton?

The Russian dictator may have evidence that she’d rather keep hidden

1 week ago

Iraq boomerangs on Jeb Bush

Don’t blame Obama for the rise of the Islamic State.

1 week ago

Lean in? How about a leg up?

A glass ceiling is not the issue for most working women.

1 week ago

Keep taking the train

Risks remain extremely low despite last week’s derailment in Philadelphia.

1 week ago

George F. Will: Rick Santorum’s return

His persistence is bolstered by how close he came in 2012.

1 week ago

Policy by checkbook

Senate Bill 11 would help to limit outside influence on Pennsylvania elections.

1 week ago

Maureen Dowd: He is heavy. He's my brother

Family loyalty can’t help Jeb Bush hide from what we knew then.

1 week ago

Police Chief Cameron McLay: Don’t blame the cop on the beat

Police reform starts at the top, but it takes a village to make it happen.

1 week ago

 Marine protected areas now cover some 3.5 percent of the ocean.

The world war on fish

When humans stopped slaughtering each other in 1945, they turned against the creatures of the sea.

1 week ago

Pennsylvanians are better than this

It is time to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identification in the commonwealth.

1 week ago

Why not privatize everything?

Radical privatizers have to justify inequality. Here’s how they do it

1 week ago

The Next Page: Mr. Khrushchev goes to Pittsburgh

There were opportunities gained and lost during the Soviet premier's visit here at the height of the Cold War, recalls James Kehl

1 week ago

First Person: Pittsburgh pierogi fest

It’s marathon carb-loading working-class style.

2 weeks ago