Forget the cookie table: This Pittsburgh couple is having a bacon table

When Adam Causgrove and Chelsea Banks of Mount Washington announced their engagement last year, one of the first things Mr. Causgrove’s mother, Jean, said was, “How early should we start making the cookies?”

Turns out, Mrs. Causgrove doesn’t have to make any cookies.

When the couple get married at the end of this month, they aren’t going to have the traditional cookie table. Instead, they will be having a bacon table.

“We wanted something different and neither one of us is really very big on cookies,” he said. “It seems that every wedding you go to, everyone always ends up taking home a box of cookies at the end of the night that they take into the office on Monday.”

The couple had attended an event where one of the dessert items was chocolate-covered bacon, and that got them thinking.

“It was fantastic and we thought, ‘Why not?’” he said.

The two of them love bacon, like most people. They suggested the bacon table to their caterer at Leo’s Ristorante in Howland, Ohio, near the bride’s hometown of Niles, where they will be holding the wedding ceremony on May 31.

“They had never seen or heard of one before either, but said they could make it work and it would be a nice change from making all of the cookies,” she said.

She said the event planner, Lisa DelGarbino, “jumped right on it,” researching various recipes and working with her chefs to come up with some recipe suggestions for the couple.

“I love new ideas and concepts — it’s what I do. And stations are really big right now, but no one that I know has done the bacon table,” Ms. DelGarbino said.

She said the couple had a good idea of what they wanted and quickly chose four bacon selections: “We will have a rosemary-flavored bacon, a jerked version, and then a pie-spiced bacon and a chocolate-covered bacon to honor the sweet dessert tradition.”

While they are still working on the exact display of the bacons, Ms. Banks said the table will be set up later in the evening after dinner and dancing, around 9 p.m. The couple expects about 300 to 320 guests, which means a lot of bacon will be made.

Mr. Causgrove works at the University of Pittsburgh as a research grant administrator in the microbiology and molecular genetics department; serves as director of community outreach of Side Project Inc., a non-profit that assists other non-profits; and is co-founder and president of Paws for Olympia Park, which advocated for an off-leash exercise area for dogs on Mount Washington. But he’s well known for his mustache, as he is president of the American Mustache Institute.

Ms. Banks works for Pitt as a research-support staff member,

At 30 and 26, respectively, he and she have lots of friends who are getting married in the near future, so they are thinking the idea of the bacon table may catch on.

“So far, we haven’t heard of anyone else doing it, but when we tell someone about it, they love the idea,” he said.

And although he worried about disappointing his mom with her cookie-table plans, “she was actually excited and thought it was cool.”

Kathleen Ganster:


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