The story behind the 'Marvin's Lunch' apple

There are so many different types of apples growing in this region that it can be hard to keep track of them.

Sand Hill Berries out near Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, grows more than 100 varieties. They chart the trees' locations.

But a few trees wound up being planted without being marked.

Robert Schilling, who helps man the farm's stand at farmers markets including the one on Downtown's Market Square, where their apples are marked with little signs bearing their names and some information about each -- Cottage, Roxbury Russet, Wolf River and so on.

Asked last week about the apples labeled "Marvin's Lunch," he explained that those apples come from a tree that got separated from its tag and whose type they're not sure of. But they're a favorite of a local carpenter, Marvin Schroyer, who's so fond of them he often goes to that tree to eat them.

So they just call the apples Marvin's Lunch.

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