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In FoodFeedback [Food & Flavor, Aug. 1], a letter writer said that Fritzi Zivic was of Croatian descent. Yes, but that categorical statement needs amending. His mother was Slovene. Fritzi was only one-half Croatian, therefore.

People need to write with precision. That's what is wrong with journalism (and this world) these days. There are far too many dilettantes out there.

On the positive side, I always enjoy your food columns, which seem to be improving by the day. What an array of feasts and culinary treats you give us!

Hvala lepo (Slovene: Thanks so much)!


Loving grilled pizza

Just wanted to let you know that we tried your "pizza on the grill" recipes this past weekend ["Pizza on the Grill" by Gretchen McKay, Food & Flavor, Aug. 1] and they were excellent! My husband and I have often talked about trying pizza on the grill so your article was the incentive we needed! We used your recipe for pizza dough and couldn't have been more pleased! We simply put our dough directly onto the grill grates with no difficulty at all (I'll admit I was a little skeptical, thinking we'd be scraping the dough off the grates)! Best of all, the kids were completely satisfied! Thanks for a great idea! We loved it so much, we plan on trying it again for the Labor Day holiday! Thanks again and keep the ideas coming! I certainly enjoy your recipes, and your comments concerning your kids hit home all too often!

Natrona Heights

I read your recent article on pizza ovens ["Pizza in the Back Yard" by Gretchen McKay, Homes & Gardens, Aug. 3] and thought I would pass along some photos and info on an oven we recently built at Garfield Farms with the help of many kids from the garden summer camp. The only material we bought were the fire bricks costing about $40 total, clay was harvested on site. We have developed a process where one of our partners will work with a family or community group to design an oven, collect materials and build the oven with the family, great fun for kids and good family building! Costs for such an oven range from $400 to $800 since, after salvaging materials, the only real costs are to pay our guy to teach and help with the work (we volunteered our time for the Garfield project). We also provide full design, build and edible landscape services. Our business, Fourth River Workers Guild, is a new, Pittsburgh-based cooperative.

See pics of our Garfield Oven (really tasty!) at www.languageoftheland.com/gallery/garfield-farms-oven.

Highland Park

Wow! Thank you so much for your story on the pizza ovens. I truly enjoyed the article, and not just because of my involvement. I have gotten some great feedback from friends as well as others. And my cousins love that I am preserving the heritage!

You might be surprise to know that on Saturday I decided to make a pizza in the grill, my Weber actually. Your article earlier in the week inspired me. I got it up to 550 degrees and made a crust using a blend of the Pasta Caputo Tip "00" with bread flour and Pizzeria Caputo because I didn't have enough of the Pizza flour. I think I like that Pasta Caputo flour -- it gave a really soft dough and a light crispy crust. Maybe the secret with grilling pizza is in the type of flour used? Hmmm ... I wondered. I will be experimenting and will let you know if I hit on a good dough recipe for the grill.

Today, I went to Atlas Clay and Metal to pick up some refractory mortar (atlasclayproducts.com). I am going to cover the dome to give it a nice Tuscan look!

Be well and take care and remember to always eat your pizza with your hands!

Highland Park

Roanoke rumblings (stomach)

Gretchen McKay's article on Roanoke ["Blue Ridge high: The pleasures of Roanoke beckon" in Sunday Magazine, May 19] put a visit there on our list of must-sees. My husband and I recently spent two nights in that part of Virginia, making the mentioned Inn on Campbell B&B our base. We tried to visit many of Gretchen's highlighted areas such as Grandin Village, Black Dog Salvage and the historic downtown marketplace with restaurants and shops plus fresh produce stands. We had some outstanding meals and were invited to a wine-and-cheese gathering. What a friendly town with lots of Southern history to absorb!


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