Food Feedback: It was 'a female ... Last Supper'

Back in March, I read your Food Column, Rebecca Sodergren, on the book, "The Food and Feasts of Jesus" [Food & Flavor, March 28]. It sparked an idea.

I invited my fellow first altos from the South Hills Chorale to dinner at my house on a recent Monday for a biblical dinner. I used your article, the Internet, and the book "Food at the Time of the Bible" by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh as my guides.

Everyone brought an item or two. I made the Mediterranean Grain Bread from your article, which turned out wonderfully. We used several of the recipes from the Vamosh book, including Israelite Unleavened Bread, Columella's Salad, Jacob's Lentil Soup, Carrots With Cumin, Fava Bean Salad, Tilapia Poached in White Wine, Bulgur Stuffed Chicken, and Feta Cheese Dip.

For dessert, we had Joanna's Semolina Cake With Almond, Roman Nut Cake, and Susanna's Cinnamon Pears. We also had grapes, olives, nuts, apple cider, and, of course, wine. Only ingredients available in biblical times were used -- nothing else.

We also followed the dining customs and procedures of the time, such as using spoons and knives but no forks and hanging a napkin outside the door.

Here is a photo. People say it looks like the female version of the Last Supper.

Thanks for the inspiration. The dinner was a complete success!

West Mifflin

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