Fresh Find: Kettle Brand Potato Chips Birthday collection

Everyone's got his or her secret food vice. Mine is potato chips. I absolutely love 'em, and none more than the super crunchy kettle variety, which are cut thicker than traditional chips and cooked in small batches. Naturally, I couldn't wait to sample Kettle Brand's new 30th Birthday Collection of flavored chips.

Actually, "reintroduction" is more accurate. The four fan faves -- Red Chili, Jalapeno Jack, Cheddar Beer and Salsa Mesquite -- are retired flavors the company is bringing back for a limited time (one year) to celebrate three decades in the potato chip biz.

I'm happy to report all four of the skin-on spuds were terrific (super crunchy, with lots of potato flavor). Yet there was one runaway winner: Red Chili, which also happened to be the oldest variety, having originally been introduced in 1982. Talk about addictive -- each of those chips fills the mouth with a spicy blast of sriracha and cayenne before exploding in a tangy vinegar finish.

The chips, which retail for $2.79 for a 5-ounce bag, are available at Whole Foods and other grocery stores beginning this month. You also can buy them online at

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