The best of Thanksgiving

PG Food how-tos for the holiday

The Post-Gazette Food section has created a lot of great Thanksgiving stories over the years, many of which, like a good pumpkin pie recipe, are as good this year as any.

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PG Thanksgiving 2013

•  All the tastes of Turkey Day, in one big, glorious bite. 

Make time on the holiday by doing some cooking in advance. With recipes.

A berry happy holiday: How to work cranberries into every course. With recipes.

Pie anxiety: No reason to suffer from it. With recipes.

Kitchen Mailbox: Two eat-local recipes for Thanksgiving. With recipes.

Tastings: Pour your turkey a glass of wine. 

PG Thanksgiving 2012

•  Made-ahead, small-plate dishes can make Thanksgiving cooking and eating easier. With recipes.

•  Holiday is ideal for small dishes. With recipes.

•  Preparing a Thanksgiving meal for the masses.  With recipes.

•  Show your green side(s) on the Thanksgiving table. With recipes.

•  Pumpkin is not the only option for holiday pies. With recipes.

•  It's not easy being vegan -- at least not at Thanksgiving. With recipes.

•  Two new cookbooks offer to hold your hand for the Thanksgiving holiday. With recipes.

•  She has bones to pick with traditional turkey. With recipes.

•  What's for Dinner: Turkey Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit Crust. With recipe.

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PG Thanksgiving 2011


How to roast a turkey: Getting past all of the gobbler-dygook. With instructions.

No strict rules for picking right wine for Thanksgiving.

What's for Thanksgiving:

Cranberries. With video and recipes.

Sides and starch.With video and recipes.

Stuffing. With video and recipes.

Desserts. With video and recipes.

City Deli carries on tradition of hosting Thanksgiving lunch.

Turkey leftovers? Not for long. With recipes.

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PG Thanksgiving 2010

Western Pennsylvanians create traditions: from sweet potato rings to stuffing balls to 'egg-beet reds,' here's how we give thanks. (Nov. 22, 2010)

Suzanne Martinson: Former PG foodie trax down good stuff(ing). (Nov. 22, 2010)

On the Menu: Culinary Q's? Here are the A's! (Nov. 21, 2010)

Solving the heated debate over turkey temperatures. (Nov. 18, 2010)

For vegans, a big bird isn't the big deal at Thanksgiving. (Nov. 18, 2010)

Recipes: Whole sugar-cured ham. (Nov. 17, 2010)

More cheer, less fear. (Nov. 13, 2010)

Home Style: Set Thanksgiving table with found items. (Nov. 13, 2010)

Ready-to-roll Thanksgiving recipes from our food family. (Nov. 11, 2010)

Good day for the red, the white and the bubbly. (Nov. 11, 2010)

PG Video: How to carve a turkey. (Nov. 9, 2010)

Fresh Find: Gobble up these Gobblerito's with the amigos. (Nov. 4, 2010)

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A sumptuous image from "Come to the Table: Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God's Bounty."

PG Thanksgivings Past

"Come to the Table" for more Thanksgiving recipes. (Nov. 24, 2009)

Bob Hoover's crusty dinner rolls. (Nov. 23, 2009)

Local Flavor: Missing Mom's dressing. (Nov. 23, 2009)

Crisp crust makes for a great pumpkin pie. (Nov. 23, 2009)

A Pittsburgh native's "New Thanksgiving Table" full of great recipes.

Western Pa. farmers live the very roots of the holiday. (Nov. 23, 2009)

Ethnicity makes for special side dishes (Nov. 19, 2009)

A second entree can roundout your Thanksgiving meal (Nov. 19, 2009)

How to pick a green wine for Thanksgiving (Nov. 19, 2009)

A squash recipe for Thanksgiving (Nov. 19, 2009)

The sweet joys of holiday baking (Nov. 19, 2009)

Sauce: Ways to save the turkey (Nov. 19, 2009)

Tips, recipes from "The New Thanksgiving Table (Nov. 12, 2009)

How to plan the meal (Nov. 15, 2009)

This turkey recipe is a real cut-up (Nov. 12, 2009)

Where to go out for Thanksgiving (Nov. 5, 2009)

Where to go out for Thanksgiving, part II (Nov. 12, 2009)

Disasters make for memories (Nov. 20, 2008)

Missing Nan: Thanksgiving just isn't the same (Nov. 24, 2008)

A time for saying grace (Nov. 15, 2007)

How to carve your turkey -- with video (Nov. 19, 2006)

How to survive cooking dinner with a smile (Nov. 9, 2006)

Classic dishes with a twist (Nov. 10, 2005)• What to do with leftovers (Nov. 20, 2005)

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving at our house without ... (Nov. 18, 1999)

How to master the most basic element -- the bird; with a great menu of recipes (Nov. 18, 1999)

How to preserve your sanity (Nov. 19, 2007)

Dishes can hold much more than turkey and gravy (Nov. 19, 2007)

How to make Turkey a la King (Nov. 26, 2008)

How to deep-fry a turkey, with Gretchen McKay (Nov. 20, 2008)

Remembrance of turkeys past (Nov. 19, 2000)

How to fix pumpkin and squash (Oct. 30, 2008)


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