The Buzz: What's current on the coffee scene


• 21st Street Coffee and Tea will be serving Affogato for a limited time. Their version of this delicious drink is a double espresso pulled into a 3 ounce demitasse topped with a tight little scoop of rich vanilla ice cream from local Brunton Diary.

• Aldo Coffee is once again offering the Shakerato, a shaken iced espresso drink served in a martini glass. Order it as a "straight shock," a double espresso shaken in ice, or as a "buca blast," a double espresso shaken with the house anise simple syrup. Expect a few more versions soon.


• This Saturday Voluto Coffee will be offering shots of espresso ($2.30), macchiato ($2.90) and cappuccino ($3.30) made with Sammy Piccolo's World Barista Championship blend, which helped earn him a second place finish. Unfortunately, their power will be shut off for part of the day, most likely, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. or later. But don't let the power outage stop you from tasting this post-roast espresso blend made from 85% Costa Rica Herbazu Estate and 15% Ethiopia Yergacheffe Aricha Micro-Lot #33; 412-661-3000.

A menu of single-origin coffees available at local cafes:

• 21st Street Coffee and Tea: beans from Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea. In the Strip District location, single-origin coffees include Kenya Thunguri (limited supply), Rwanda Zirikana (direct trade), Agua Preta from Brazil (direct trade) and Bolivia Anjilanaka (direct trade, organic). Single origin espresso, Bolivia Anjilanaka

21st Street's Frick Building location: Coffee of the week is Rwanda, Zirikana; Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kurimi on French press.; 412-281-0809 (Strip District); 412-281-2480 (Downtown).

• Aldo Coffee Company, Mt. Lebanon: beans from Intelligentsia. This week's single-origins include Brazil Agua Preta (direct trade), Bolivia Anjilanaka (direct trade, organic), Brazil Kaquend and Indonesian Sulawesi Toarco (1st place cup of excellence, brewed to order only). Also featuring the "Esmeraldo" espresso blend (Esmeralda and Brazil Cerrado).; 412-563-1220.

• Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company, Beaver Falls (Roaster): serving Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Vista Hermosa, Timor Maubesse and Kenya AA Eeagads estate coffee.; 724-843-4221.

• Big Dog Coffee, South Side: beans from Intelligentsia Roasters; serving Bolivia Anjilanaka El Diablo (organic). Brazil Agua Preta and Finca Santuario from Micay, Colombia, for retail sale only.; 412-586-7306.

• Blue Horse Coffee, Mt. Lebanon: beans from Counter Culture Coffee. Featured single-origin espresso, Gerbicho Rogicha, is a natural-processed bean from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Single-origin coffees include Burundi Bwayi; Peru Valle de Santuario, Colombia La Golondrina, Honduras French roast Finca Pashapa, French roast Bolivia Cenaproc, Papua New Guinea Kuta, Sumatra Dolok Sanggul, Ethiopia Sidamo Shakisso, Rwanda Humure, Decaf Mexico Zaragoza and Decaf Peru Valle.; 412-341-6114.

• La Prima Espresso, Strip District (Roaster): Origin coffees available for retail sale include Brazilian Daterra, Colombian Supremo Andeano, Colombian Mi Futuro (relationship), Costa Rica Harvest Reserve, Kenya French Mission Bourbon, Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa (relationship) and Tanzania Peaberry; fair trade/organic beans include Ethiopia Sidamo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Oromia, East Timor, Sumatra Mandheling and Mexico Chiapas.; 412-281-1922.

• Tazza D'Oro, Highland Park: beans from Batdorf & Bronson. Origin coffees available include Mexico La Trinidad Peaberry (limited edition, organic, fair trade, relationship, shade grown), Rwanda Buremera (limited edition), Ethiopia Yirga Chefe Wondo Worka Cooperative (wet process), Ethiopia Adem Bonko Sidamo (organic, wet process), Ethiopia Sidamo Dale (organic, dry process), Ethiopia Sidamo Koratie (organic wet process), Costa Rica La Minita Del Sol (relationship, shade grown, sundried), Rwanda COOPAC (fair trade, wet process), Yemen Mattari (dry process) and Kenya French Mission Bourbon (Wet Process). Costa Rica San Martin single-origin espresso also available;; 412-362-3676.

• Voluto Coffee, Garfield: beans from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. Featured single-origin coffees include Ethiopian Sidamo Adem Bedane, Costa Rica Monte Crisol, Tanzania Hope Peaberry and Kenya AA Rioki Estate (16 ounce press-pot only).; 412-661-3000.


• The folks at Aldo coffee are inviting all moms to a free coffee tasting this Sunday from 2-3 p.m. They'll have four coffee's brewed and ready for tasting and discussing, one each from South America, Central America, Africa and Indonesia. No reservation needed.

• Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company: Free cuppings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

• Blue Horse: Free cuppings are held 12:30 p.m. Saturday. Participants assess three coffees. No reservations or experience with coffee tasting necessary.

• La Prima offers a roaster tour and coffee class from 10 a.m.-noon on the first Saturday of each month. Learn about coffee types and espresso basics, and see a roast first-hand. $10; includes sampling, half-pound bag of coffee and biscotti. Space limited; 412-565-7070.

• Fresh Cup Cafe in Saxonburg is holding coffee classes the second Monday of each month. Learn about regional coffees, roastings and tastings. $8 for coffee, sweet and chocolate; 724-352-8181 or e-mail

For the most up-to-date information on available beans and special events, contact cafes directly.

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