FreshFind: Kentucky Grilled Chicken

So much for fast food: There would be a 12-minute wait for dinner on free sample night at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Wilkinsburg.

Was it worth sitting in traffic Monday night for the chain's latest offering, Kentucky Grilled Chicken? Over the years, KFC has tried healthier chicken with mixed success, only to be spurned by fried chicken lovers.

Now, KFC is trying again with a new grilled, marinated, herb-ed and spiced chicken, made in a patented process that purportedly keeps the meat juicy.

My 17-year-old son gave it a thumbs up. "Tangy, Mom!" he said. His twin sister was less impressed. "Eh," she said.

Me, I thought the chicken was definitely flavorful, if a tad greasy, but isn't that the point of good grilled chicken? Oh, I forgot -- this is supposed to be a healthy alternative, and, indeed, there are only four fat grams in a chicken breast.

Not bad for fast food, even if I didn't get it very fast. Let's hope this time KFC makes some converts of fried chicken lovers.

Calories: 140 (one thigh). Fat grams: 9. Fiber: 0. Carbs: 0. Price: $3.99 for two pieces, two sides and a biscuit. You can buy it by the bucket, too.

-- Mackenzie Carpenter

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