The Buzz: What's new with coffee


• 21st Street Coffee and Tea; beans from Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea. In the Strip District, single-origin coffees available on the Clover (a specialized single-cup coffee brewer) include Santuario Micay from Columbia (direct trade), Cruz Del Sur from Peru (direct trade/organic), Anjilanaka from Bolivia (direct trade/organic) and Sumatra Lake Tawar. Frick Building location, will offer a rotating single-origin starting March 16 - Brazil Agua Preta (direct trade);; 412-281-0809 (Strip District); 412-281-2480 (Downtown).

• Aldo Coffee Company, Mt. Lebanon; beans from Intelligentsia and Jake's Java. This week's single-origins are Bolivia Anjilinaka (direct trade), Brazil Agua Preta (direct trade), Columbia Santuario Micay (direct trade), Sumatra Lake Tawar and Panama Esmerelda (auction lot, Jake's Java);; 412-563-1220.

• Big Dog Coffee, South Side; beans from Intelligentsia Roasters; currently serving Peru Cruz del Sur (organic). Additionally, Colombia Santuario El Mirador (limited supply); Colombia Santuario Heliconias; and Rwanda Zirikana for retail sale only;; 412-586-7306.

• Blue Horse Coffee, Mt. Lebanon; beans from Counter Culture Coffee. Featured single-origin espresso, Gerbicho Rogich, is a natural-processed bean from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, produced as part of Operation Cherry Red, in which farmers are paid premiums to pick only the ripest fruit of the coffee tree. Featured single-origin this week is Guatemala Finca Nueva Armenia, from Huehuetenango. Other single-origins include Peru Valle de Santuario, Mexico Zaragoza, Nicaragua San Ramon, El Salvador Finca Mauritania, Colombia La Golondrina, Honduras French roast Finca Pashapa, Papua New Guinea Kuta, Sumatra Dolok Sanggul, Ethiopia Sidamo Shakisso, Rwanda Humure, Decaf Mexico Zaragoza and Decaf Peru Valle;; 412-341-6114.

• La Prima Espresso, Strip District; coffee roaster and espresso bar. Origin coffees available for retail sale include Brazilian Daterra, Colombian Supremo Andeano, Colombian Mi Futuro (relationship) Costa Rica Harvest Reserve, Kenya French Mission Bourbon, Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa (Relationship Coffee); fair trade/organic beans include Tanzania Peaberry Highland Paradise, Ethiopia Sidamo (organic, fair trade), Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Oromia, East Timor, Sumatra Mandheling, Mexico Chiapas;; 412-281-1922.

• Tazza D'oro, Highland Park; beans from Batdorf & Bronson. For this week Tazza D'Oro will be featuring two new single origin coffees: Mexico La Trinidad Peaberry (Limited Edition, Organic, Fair Trade, Relationship, Shade Grown) and Rwanda Buremera (Limited Edition). Other single origins on hand this week: Sumatra Mandheling (shade grown), Ethiopia Harar natural grade 4, Yemen Mocha, Costa Rica La Minita Del Sol (relationship, shade grown, sundried), and Guatemala Antigua Finca El Valle (relationship, shade grown); and Costa Rica Cerro Del Fuego and Nicaragua Isabelia (both organic, fair trade, relationship, shade grown);; 412-362-3676.

• Voluto Coffee, Garfield; beans from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. The current menu of single origin coffees includes Ethiopian Sidamo Adem Bedane (organic), Costa Rica Cafelatera Herbazu Estate, Kenya AA, Rioki Estate (16-ounce press pot only) and Organic Ethiopia Yergacheffe Aricha Micro-lot #33 (16-ounce press pot only);; 412-661-3000. Starting this week, Voluto will be open on Sunday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


• Blue Horse: Free cuppings are held Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Participants assess three coffees. No reservations or experience with coffee tasting necessary.

• La Prima offers a roaster tour and coffee class the first Saturday of each month, 10 a.m.-noon. Learn about different coffee types, espresso basics, and see a roast first-hand; $10.00; includes coffee sampling, half-pound bag of coffee and biscotti. Space limited; 412-565-7070.

• Fresh Cup Cafe in Saxonburg is holding coffee classes the second Monday of each month. Learn about regional coffees, roastings, and tastings; $8 for coffee, sweet and chocolate, 724-352-8181 or e-mail

-- For the most up to date information on available beans and special events, contact cafes directly.

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