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"I am looking for peppadew, a fruit grown in South Africa," wrote Karey Vanderwater of Cranberry. "These peppers supposedly have a very distinct flavor and are addictive. Searches on the Web have turned up a few different varieties -- hot, sweet, a shake-on sauce, a mango chutney. However, the shipping costs normally are more than the product itself. I am hoping your readers will be able to tell me where, locally, I can purchase these peppers."

According to the "Food Lover's Companion" by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst, Peppadew is the trademarked name of a capsicum-family pepper. It was discovered growing wild in South Africa by Johan Steenkamp in 1994. He experimented with them, trademarked the name and patented a secret preparation technique. Also called piquante or sweet piquante pepper, the tiny peppadew resembles a cross between a cherry tomato and a very small red pepper. The flavor is a unique blend of sweet and spicy.

Check out what our readers have to say about Peppadews, including ideas on ways to serve them.

Michele Bartos of Penn Hills: "I was also introduced to peppadews. Try filling them with goat cheese or stuffing them with Italian sausage, then place them on the top shelf of your grill in a throwaway foil pan. They are fabulous. They are almost addictive. I finally bought the huge pillow-pack carton [over the Internet]. I have found them at the larger Giant Eagles and at Whole Foods, but when you do the math it is very reasonable to pay the shipping charges. One jar does not go very far if you are making these yummy treats for a party."

Patty Pearce of Edgewood: "Peppadews can be found at the Giant Eagle on the olive bar or salad bar, depending on the Eagle. There is also a Web site: I have been using them for a few years. They are sweet and spicy. I usually stuff them with Boursin cheese mixed with some cream cheese, to smooth the consistency. They are quite addictive and are always a hit!"

Lavisa Ward of Upper St. Clair: "They make a delicious appetizer, stuffed with blue cheese."


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