Fresh Find: That's an ice cream cone!

Even if I told you that "Pittsburgh's Largest Ice Cream Cone" is in Windgap, do you think you could find it?

I only did thanks to the intrepid Jim Dilmore and his Pitt Stops bar crawling group ( I agree with him: "It really is the biggest cone I've ever seen."

This king cone's home is an ice cream store called Remember When, which opened in this tiny West End neighborhood in the 1960s. It was to be a barbershop, but before it was finished, a barbershop opened up a few doors away. So its builder went to Plan B: Soft serve.

Owner Mary Gettel, of nearby McKees Rocks, bought the place in 1991 and gave it its name and its '50s pink color scheme, playing up the retro theme, which includes "Doo Wop Fridays." It now serves hot food and dozens of cold treats including its own premium hard ice cream.

But the Largest Cone is soft serve. Thirteen inches of it. It costs $4. It's so tall that when you order one, you're told to go to a side door because it's too big to fit out a serving window.

A customer dubbed it the Memory Cone, because "the Memory will always bring you back to Remember When," says Mrs. Gettel, whose easy laugh and love of fun colors the place.

She gives her "girls" two weeks to learn how to fill the large cone ("It's all in the movement"). And she always asks cone customers if they know what they're getting into. "Always, always. 'Do you know how big it is?' "

Remember When, 3860 Chartiers Ave., is open noon to 10 p.m. daily March-October (to 11 p.m. June-August) (412-331-2234 or

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