Family Film Guide: 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'

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The Post-Gazette reviews movies from a family perspective:

'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'

Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Mature tweens and older.

What you should know: Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi play partners in a wildly successful magic act in Vegas. But, after a decade, their longtime friendship and their audience wither as fans gravitate to a street magician (Jim Carrey) with a fondness for dangerous stunts.

Language: A handful of uses of profanity and a steady stream of milder words, particularly the s-word.

Sexual situations and nudity: A woman's blouse is ripped off, exposing her bra. Someone makes an obscene sexual gesture. A couple are shown about to have sex -- condoms are flashed and questions asked, but it's tame. And there are a few passionate kisses, too.

Violence/scary situations: Lots, from a couple of punches to the face or gut to magic tricks that depend on close encounters with a hangman's noose or swords. A man slices into his cheek and draws blood and then stitches it up, a fall results in injury, and there are other stunts in which the forehead is used to pound a nail and someone wants to drill a hole in his head. Also, some people who have been knocked out are dragged or tossed around like mannequins.

Alcohol and drug use: Characters drink champagne, wine and hard liquor in various scenes.



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