Family Film Guide: 'Fun Size'

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The Post-Gazette reviews movies from a family perspective:

'Fun Size'

Rated: PG-13.

Suitable for: Mature tweens, teens and up.

What you should know: Victoria Justice plays a teen who, on Halloween night, loses track of her little brother, a misfit who quit talking when their dad died the previous year. She enlists her best friend (Jane Levy, "Suburgatory") and two nerdy boys in the hunt to find him. He willingly goes off with a series of strangers in a way that may disturb or alarm some adults.

Language: Stronger than you might expect, with at least one use of profanity, and a dozen or so milder words.

Sexual situations and nudity: A young shirtless hunk and his older girlfriend, a widowed mother of two, embrace in the kitchen. The mom later encounters a couple demurely reading in bed, although one is in the middle of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Some teen groping and kissing. A man strips and streaks to distract the police.

Violence/scary situations: The children's youthful father died the previous year although no details are given. The kids later visit their dad's grave. The little brother repeatedly disappears with strangers although he comes to no harm. However, he is in a car being driven by someone who is drinking and who later (briefly) holds him captive in his house. A tussle between two car drivers leads to the firing of a musket, but only someone's pride is hurt. A car is totaled after all manner of assaults, including by a giant chicken statue that falls from its restaurant perch.

Alcohol and drug use: It's impossible to know what teens are drinking at a party, but adults are shown drinking.



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