Readers Forum: How are you making daily life more eco-friendly?

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With a growing focus on helping the environment, consumers today are looking for more ways to be eco-friendly in daily life.

A new flushable diaper, for example, biodegrades in 150 days,compared to 500 years for the plastic kind (read story).

And a Wilkinsburg woman has started a eco-friendly housekeeping service called Shiny Happy Clearners that uses earth-friendly products (read story).

Are you making efforts to be kinder to Mother Earth as part of your daily routine? Please share your experiences by sending an e-mail to Be sure to include your full name and hometown.

A year ago we installed the Kohler Sterling Dual Flush Toilet. One flush is for small jobs and it uses 0.8 gallons of water. For larger jobs, the other flush uses 1.6 gallons, which is standard for new toilets. Immediately our water usage was cut in half. The toilet cost about $100 more than a standard toilet, but it has already paid for itself through savings in our water bill.

We also installed two rainbarrels that collect more than enough water for us to water our flowers and garden all summer long.

Ann Ogoreuc, Mt. Lebanon


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