Keep your Malkin jersey

June 19, 2008

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We seldom report or repeat rumors here on EN. Unless the rumor comes from a legit news outlet or has a quote from one of the individuals involved, we stay away from that stuff. It's an unofficial rule we have.

If we didn't, we'd be no better than say a certain fraud who goes by the name of a former Flyer whose Web site we refuse to acknowledge whatsoever.

That's why you won't see stories about the 23 different teams allegedly seeking the services of Panthers captain Olli Jokinen here.

We only break this rule when the fact that there is a rumor becomes news itself. (And when 302 of you e-mail us about it.)

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun reported today that Ray Shero offered Evgeni Malkin to the Kings in exchange for a bundle of draft picks and/or players.

We have nothing to combat that or confirm this specific story. We're simply stating what Garrioch wrote.

But what we will say is Garrioch is a gas bag. He's about as "inside" as our patio furniture. For the record so are we, but we're not spewing garbage with little to back it up.

And going beyond Garrioch, his paper is the Ottawa Sun which has about as much integrity as a piece of wet tissue paper. It has a pinup girl in it every day for heaven's sake. Because when printing lies doesn't work, pictures of half-naked women will.

And don't forget, the Sun is the same outlet that gave us the lovely Don Brennan, the columnist who called for a Senators player to intentionally injury Sidney Crosby and basically challenged Georges Laraque to a fight in the first round of this past season's playoffs.

Canucks and Beyond goes into a lot more detail about Garrioch's track record.

Don't worry about what Garrioch or the Sun writes. We sure don't. (Unless it leads to 302 e-mails that is.)


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