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June 5, 2008

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The sun will rise again.

To say the least, blogging isn't exactly a universally accepted medium among some newspaper types or others from a "traditional" media outlet. Many feel blogging is something that requires little effort and even less ability. That's simply not true in the case of the better ones out there.

The reason we bring this up is because you enabled us to accomplish everything we did with Empty Netters this season. We were able to attend several games this season in a professional manner (I.E. for free) because of you. We attended the Winter Classic because of you. We attended a good game in Washington D.C. because of you. We attended every home playoff game in the first three rounds because of you. We attended every Stanley Cup final game because of you.

Your interest in Empty Netters (and there was quite a bit of it) justified our efforts to our editors to the point they deemed it necessary to send us to all of these events on the Post-Gazette's dime. That's rare given the economic climate the newspaper industry is in and the attitudes of some in this industry towards blogging and "new" media in general.

Being able attend hockey games for free, (especially ones like the Winter Classic and Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final) was something we couldn't even fathom doing when we started Empty Netters. This thing has grown well beyond our expectations and you are the reason why. Without your interest, we probably would've sat on our couch New Year's Day nursing a hangover while watching Ty Conklin squint through the flurries trying to stop shots from Henrik Tallinder. Without your interest, we wouldn't have been able to see the most exciting hockey game of our lives in person Monday night/Tuesday morning. Because of you, we feel awkward calling this "work."

We were able to watch and chronicle an amazing season from a perspective not a lot of people are fortunate enough have. You provided that opportunity by simply clicking on a Web page.

We still don't know what exactly we're doing with EN. There was never any grand plan on how to do this. We just write the dang thing and you keep showing up. It seems to be a stable formula. We plan on tweaking things a bit over the offseason. There will be eventually be a new e-mail address (our current address looks like Ryan Malone's nose) and eventually you'll be able to add comments at the end of posts.

In the mean time, if you keep visiting, we'll keep writing.

So for anyone who has visited this forum on a regular daily basis or who has just clicked just once and thought we were full of it, we thank you. You've given us much more than we've given you.


For a few years now, the CBC has put together a season-ending montage after the deciding game of the Stanley Cup final. It something a lot of Canadian fans look forward to as the highlight of the season (especially considering Canadian teams haven't won the Cup in quite a while.)

This year's montage was an absolute train wreck.

Who chose that horrendous music? Jack Horner? That was seriously almost like porn music.That was awful.

We were really eager to see the montage on YouTube too. What a disappointment. That's like getting to Kennywood only to find that the only thing open was The Turtle.

That said, it's hard to believe it's been two months since Gary Roberts was dragged off the ice after trying to fight half the Senators.

For comparison's sake, here was last season's montage:


Playoff Stuff


-Dave Molinari's recap.

-The dream ended for the Penguins.

-Even Mike Yeo played hurt in Game 5.

-Can the Penguins replace Marian Hossa?

-The Penguins couldn't bring any of Game 5's magic to Game 6.

-Fans were disappointed but proud.

-Michel Therrien sounded like he needed a hug afterwards.

-How would you rate the Cup final? Vote on it here.

-Bob Errey hates bridesmaids.

-The Penguins learned a lesson.

-Michel Therrien spoke after the game. Kukla's Korner has the transcript.

-Someone uh... "corrected" those ridiculous Shave Edge Gel commercials:

Red Wings

-Hossa's late rush and postgame ceremonies:

-Nicklas Lidstrom made history.

-Dan Cleary became the first "Newfie" to win the Stanley Cup.

-Winning the Cup never gets old in Detroit.

-Henrik Zetterberg became the fifth Red Wing to claim the Conn Smythe.

-The Red Wings were able to shake off Game 5 to claim Game 6.

-Zetterberg digs Mellon Arena.

-Some Detroit fans braved the lawn outside Gate 3.

-Fans in Detroit were happy.

-Dallas Drake finally got his hands on the Cup.

-The parade will be Friday in Detroit.

-The Red Wings were beat up.

-Ticket for Game 6: $1,300. Getting thrown out by a Pittsburgh police officer while your team is celebrating: Priceless.

(Kudos to The Pensblog for the find.)

-Chris Osgood delivered when it mattered most.

-"Hockeytown-*" is red.

-The Red Wings care not for those weak, soft European stereotypes.

-Nothing says "Stanley Cup Champion" more than the Cup, a shopping cart and a case of Miller Lite.

-The Red Wings knew what they were doing when they drafted Henrik Zetterberg.

-Call the cops! Kris Draper let his kids drink out of the Cup!

-"If you don't dream, you cap your potential." --Mike Babcock.


-As if things weren't bad enough in Penguins land, the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton Penguins got smashed by Chicago in Game 3 of the Calder Cup final, 6-1.

-It was an old-fashioned beating for the Penguins.

-Penguins forward Dave Gove is hoping for a third championship title.

-The Penguins just can't hang with the Wolves.

Non-Playoff Stuff


-Random YouTube Find of the Day: A line brawl between the Penguins and Bruins in 1973:

Northeast Division

-The Senators interviewed junior coach Peter DeBoer about their head coaching position.

Pacific Division

-Stars co-general manager Brett Hull hates Tiger Woods.

-Stars owner Tom Hicks denied any interest in selling his team to would-be Penguins owner Jim Balsillie.


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