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May 13, 2008

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Two goals by Marian Hossa help the Penguins claim a 4-1 win in Philadelphia and move within one game of returning to the Stanley Cup final.


-You are reading live from our couch.

-The Penguins have scratched Gary Roberts, Jeff Taffe, Kris Beech, Dany Sabourin and Darryl Sydor.

-Adam Hall will take Roberts' place in the lineup.

-The Flyers' scratches are Braydon Coburn, Kimmo Timonen, Stefan Ruzicka, Patrick Thoresen, Nate Guenin, Riley Cote, Denis Tolpeko, Kyle Greentree and Scott Monroe.

-Keifer Sutherland's soothing tones inform us that the broadcast is about to begin.

-Joe Beninati grating, acid-dipped voice makes us want to stab our ears.

-Versus points out the Penguins defense has been the best in the playoffs. Their 1.89 goals against average and 88.6 penalty killing percentage are tops in the league.

-These Edge shaving commercials are serious some of the stupidest things ever put on television:

-We apologize if you're IQ has gone down after watching that.

-Everyone in the arena is wearing orange.

-What tells us something was said to Malkin when he walked by the Flyers little soccer game earlier today:

Penguins Flyers Hockey

-If you're reading along, hit us up at

-Evgeni Malkin's elbow to Daniel Briere's head in Game 2 is replayed.

-We say this just about anytime we see him, but does anyone ever tell Brian Engblom about his hair?


-Sweet advertisement they have hanging over the ice. "Welcome to Comcast Country." Bet that really inspires the faithful.


18:31: Joffrey Lupul comes screaming down the left side and rips a shot off. Ryan Whitney deflects it away with his leg.

17:30: Steve Downie throws a puck on net. Fleury kicks it out.

17:20: Ryan Malone tosses a puck on net from the left boards. Martin Biron knocks it down and covers it.

16:41: Petr Sykora knocks Mike Richards to the ice with a shoulder check.

16:27: Derian Hatcher trips up Malkin. The official puts up his hand. Flyers fans get out their tin foil hats and start booing. Bobby Clarke can be seen in a suite wearing an adult diaper wondering why Bill Barber isn't on the ice. We think. The Penguins will get a power play for two minutes.

14:57: Whitney sneaks in from the point. From the right faceoff circle, he directs the puck on net. It hits off Jason Smith and sneaks by Biron's right leg. It's a Michel Ouellet goal, but it counts. Penguins 1-0.

12:27: Mike Knuble fires a puck from the left side. Fleury knocks it away.

12:25: Sidney Crosby touches the puck and is greeted with boos.

12:19: Oh wow. Marian Hossa took the puck in the neutral zone, enters the Flyers zone, uses Lasse Kukkonen as a screen and burns Biron to the left side with a wrister. That seemed almost effortless. All of the Flyers fans are stunned. Penguins 2, Flyers 1975.

11:57: Tyler Kennedy is nailed for delay of game. He threw the puck out of play. Coming back from commercial, Chris Simpson tell us about the classy tribute the Flyers paid to a Philadelphia police officer who was killed in the line of duty prior to the game.

11:30: Daniel Briere, (remember him?) is called for hooking Rob Scuderi. Beninati calls it a soft call. That's probably a fair assessment. It will be four-on-four for 1:33.

11:05: Hossa is sent off for hooking Jeff Carter. It will be four-on-three for 1:08. That was a soft call too. At least the officials are being consistent.

10:14: Randy Jones pumps a one-timer on net from the point. Fleury makes the save but gives up a rebound. Knuble jumps on it but throws it through the crease. He needs to bury that.

9:38: Hal Gill powerbombs Scottie Upshall. That probably could've been a call given the way this game has been called so far.

9:01: Just as Hossa's penalty expires, R.J. Umberger shows up to the parter. Vaclav Prospal sweeps behind the net and throws it into the crease. Umberger creeps into the slot and punches it by Fleury. Bro Hymn by Pennywise is played. The Flyers stole that off of the Ducks. Penguins 2, Flyers 1975.

8:16: Malone gets in deep and tries to jam it by Biron. No dice.

8:10: Ryan Malone is called for hooking.

7:10: Maxime Talbot appears to trip Richards. No call.

5:06: Beninati say Hatcher was magnificent in Game 2. We don't know what game he was watching. All we saw was an old beaten down piece of trash that doesn't belong on skates. He was about 13 minutes late on the play Talbot scored the winning goal on.

3:31: Jarkko Ruutu and Downie get involved in front of the benches.

1:00: What in the world was that? Fleury goes behind the net to play a puck but can't touch it because it's still in the "no-play" zone. Scott Hartnell picks it up and moves it out to the slot. It gets played into Fleury's left leg. He holds it out despite Briere's efforts. A scrum ensue. No goal.

0:00: End of period.

-The Penguins out-shot the Flyers 8-5.

-The Flyers controlled the faceoffs, 12-6.

-Both teams made mistakes that period. The Penguins just got more opportunities and cashed in on them.

-A number of you have commented about the Versus announcers being pro-Flyers and we can see why. It's not outright cheerleading, but a lot of their comments have that subtle edge to them that would indicate they wouldn't mind seeing the orange and black winning tonight.

-We know it's a bit hypocritical of us to say that. We hate the Flyers. We're hardly objective in this forum.

-Versus shamelessly plugs that horrible-looking Mike Myers movie, "The Love Guru."

-Ben Kingsley's actually in this piece of trash.


19:16: Crosby spins in the slot and fires a wrister. Biron kicks it away.

18:19: R.J. Umberger is from Pittsburgh. Thanks for the update Versus. Any word on if Jordan Staal has any brothers?

17:38: Kennedy shuffles a puck through the crease

15:40: Richards and Hal Gill race for an iced puck behind the Penguins' net. Gill touches it a week before Richards gets there because of his long stick and the faceoff goes into the other end.

13:45: Prospal gets popped by an unidentified Penguin.

12:30: Scottie Upshall dishes a pass to Carter who snaps a shot off. Fleury makes the save.

12:20: Upshall is called for tripping Malkin. He basically swept his leg out. John Kreese approves. Flyers fans put up signs rating Malkin's "dive."

11:27: Sergei Gonchar rockets a wrister from the point. Biron gloves it.

11:00: Richards forces the puck up ice and gets behind the Penguins' defense. As he approaches the net, Gonchar lunges and pokes the puck away. Richards goes crashing into the crease. The Flyers lobby for a tripping call Darren Elliot says there wasn't a trip. Flyers fans get their tin foil hats out.

8:06: Lupul pumps a slapper on net. Fleury kicks it away.

6:17: Downie catches Georges Laraque with a body check and send him to the ice.

6:16: Braydon Coburn is shown up in a suite. His eye looks pretty bad.

5:37: Ruutu gets slammed to the ice by Hartnell.

5:22: A reader writes:

I just wanted to point out, in response to your post about the Versus commentators seeming biased: of course they are.They want this to turn into an actual series.If Game 2 drew such amazing ratings, imagine what a Game 6 or 7 would pull in. In the meantime, let's hope they get sorely disappointed... go Pens! - Vlad Grigorescu Chicago

EN: First off, "Vlad Grigorescu" is an awesome name. Second, that's a good point.

4:18: Carter comes down the left side and snaps a quick off that gets kicked out by Fleury.

2:26: Briere gets away with a slash on Orpik.

0:00: End of period. Whitney and Lupul get involved in the corner. Penguins 2, Flyers 1975.

-The Penguins have a 17-8 advantage in shots. The Flyers only had three shots that period. Wow.

-Philadelphia is controlling the faceoffs, 21-13.

-It's probably fair to say the Flyers controlled that period.

-Sergei Gonchar already has logged 18:32 of playing time.

-Can't Versus fill some time with something a little bit more relevant to tonight's game than some prepared video about Alexander Mogilny's and Teemu Selanne's season in 1992-93 that has been playing on NHL Network for three months?


16:14: Sykora blasts a one-timer at the top of the slot. Randy Jones deflects it out of play.

15:42: Knuble fires a shot from the right wing. Fleury kicks it out.

15:22: Malkin snaps a quick rising wrister from the left side. Biron fights it off.

13:54: Pascal Dupuis steals the puck off Jaroslav Modry on a nice back check.

13:21: Versus goes to commercial. Beninati mentions Simpson will interview Ray Shero on the other side of the break. $393 say she mentions Fred Shero being the coach of the Flyers???.Wow they don't even waste time, the banners from the Flyers' Stanley Cup championships are shown right off the bat.

12:13: Jones fires a slapper from the point. Fleury mishandles it with his glove but it gets swept away.

10:56: Gonchar fires a slapper from the point. Biron knocks it away.

10:02: Another turnover by Downie leads to another goal. Malkin takes it off Downie inside the Penguins' blue line. Malkin forces it up the ice. He exchanges it with Sykora. The Flyers reclaim it. Malone grabs it in the slot and backhands it by Biron. Downie comes up ice and takes a cheap shot at Sykora and runs him. Sykora is helped off the ice. The crowd is silent again. Why bother to keep to puck when you can take cheap shots at the players scoring. No wonder this franchise hasn't won the Cup since 1975. Penguins 3, Flyers 1975.

9:25: Kennedy steals the puck off Ryan Parent. He comes up ice on a breakaway. He holds off a Flyers defender and gets a shot on net. Biron holds his ground

8:03: Jordan Staal directs a shot on net. Biron kicks it out.

7:10: Mike Yeo gets a little face time.

6:09: Knuble gets as shot on net. Fleury kicks it out with a "thud."

4:05: Lasse Kukkonen runs over Crosby with a nice check.

3:07: Jason Smith runs over Ruutu behind the Penguins net.

2:48: Scott Hartnell comes into the zone and blasts a slapper on net. Fleury fights it off.

2:31: A Penguins player gets away with a trip in the neutral zone.

1:29: Hossa fires a shot on net from the slot. Biron holds it off with his blocker.

1:12: The Flyers pull Biron for an extra attacker.

0:53: Gill fires a pass from the defensive zone to the Flyers' blue line. Hossa fires the puck into the empty cage for one of us. Penguins 4, Flyers 1975.

0:34: The announcers mention that the Penguins are the first team to go 11-1 in the playoffs since the 1983 Edmonton Oilers.

0:00: End of period. End of game. Final: Penguins 4, Flyers 1975.


-Much is made about the Penguins' offense and justly so. Few teams have a collection of offensive talent like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and others. But their defense won them this game tonight. They limited the Flyers to 18 shots on net. They made Marc-Andre Fleury's job very easy. Flyers offense was snuffed out.


-How can Steve Downie dress in Game 4? The Flyers would be better off going with only 19 skaters than having Downie play.


-The Penguins balanced out the playing time again. With the exception of Georges Laraque (7:51) and Tyler Kennedy (9:54), every forward had at least 10 minutes of ice time.


-The Penguins out-shot the Flyers, 25-18.


-The Flyers won the faceoffs, 29-21.


-The Penguins are the fourth team to win 11 of their first 12 playoff games. The others are the 1968 and 1976 Canadiens and the 1983 Oilers. Both Canadiens teams won the Cup. The Oilers fell to the New York Islanders in the finals.


-Crosby now leads the playoffs with 19 points. Malkin and Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg are tied for second with 19.


-We forgot to mention this, but Ray Shero gave props to Craig Patrick while being interviewed during the game for laying some of the foundation for this current team. Classy move by Shero. Yeah, choosing Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin wasn't tough. We could've done that. But Patrick and his regime picked Maxime Talbot, Rob Scuderi, Ryan Malone, Tyler Kennedy, Kris Letang and others.


-Game Summary.


-Event Summary.











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